The Upcoming Film PROMETHEUS RISING Looks to Garner Funding Support via Kickstarter for the Beginning of a Revolution

In a dystopian society alarmingly close to the present, Adama sets out to reclaim freedom.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Since the French revolution, people believed that reason alone would one day bring the globe to a state of a perfect system. Nowadays, people are apt to believe that they live in a free society where media and government are independent and objective while in truth people are gradually imposed certain values they don’t even bother to think through. And history repeats itself. This is where the film Prometheus Rising starts.

The story evolves around an attack of a rebellious group on a labor camp in the midst of a beautiful nightly landscape. Adama is their leader, fearless, a scar crossing his face. As the attack more and more becomes a battlefield, he recognizes a face of a woman between the fires, and he starts remembering:?Being a recently graduated doctor and happy member of society, everything changes as he receives a message from an early love Rahab who chose to live in the outer areas.

The main conflict of the story develops between Adama and the government, which is a conflict of a person being manipulated into believing and accepting certain values. Breaking out of the system means being persecuted by it, and freedom becomes a veil that is covering the truth of total control.

The young director Diana Froese and her team that is gradually growing in number believe that this film should on the one side show people in which direction our society is evolving: the loss of values, living for profit and self alone, relying in new reasoning and dismissing important values - the destruction of human passions and the paralysis of the human soul. But they also aim to tell people that it is time for Prometheus: the time to rise and reclaim freedom.

All the money contributed will get the revolution started and bring Adama's story to life! It will be used to cover travel expenses, gear & equipment, props, sets, costume, make-up, special effects and pyrotechnics, post-production costs, festival costs and much more.

This project will only be funded if at least £2,500 is pledged by Sun, Jul 13 2014 6:16 PM +05:30.

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About Prometheus Rising
Prometheus Rising is an upcoming film from writer/director Diana Froese. The story is unfolding in a not so distant future in the midst of a global wealthy society, starting with a rebellious attack on a labor camp led by Adama. As he sees one face in the battlefield, he remembers himself: once young and wealthy, part of the society, living a satisfying life. How has he become this scarred man? And why is he Prometheus?