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The Urpalians - Book Based on Biblical Fiction out Now on Amazon and Kindle


Jerusalem, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Just released The Urpalians is a book based on biblical history and science fiction. The book is now on the Amazon’s Bestseller list under the Historical Fantasy Category. “The Afgorian demanded that the bird answer his questions: Where did the Urpalians get their immense quantity of desert water? What was the secret of the bluish cloud which surrounded them? ”And many more secrets to unfold… The story dates back to 1312 BC about a small family in the South Sinai Desert. A father provides his son Daniel with a powerful talisman that he had received from the Prophet. Daniel and his sister go out to gather medicinal herbs and are led to hidden cave that conceals ancient secrets. They discover two sworn enemies, the Afgorian and the Urpalians in collision with each other.

The book is based on extensive research of historical texts such as The Great Midrash, a thousand year old commentary on the Bible. The author, Oron Ofek likes to spend majority of his time studying the bible. He had spent considerable amount of time referring to old Jewish scriptures to know more about the wizards and magic, battles between light and darkness and the good and evil. Harry Potter was the true inspiration behind the backdrop of The Urpalians. The maze of tunnels at the bowels of earth was inspired by their family trip to the Chariton Tunnel in Bethlehem. The book surely will take back the readers to ancient history.

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About Oron Ofek
Oron Ofek lives in Israel and has been working and studying Chinese Medicine in Israel and China. Oron specializes in nutrition and diabetes and has published 2 books on how to deal with diabetes and nutrition with the help of Chinese Medicine. Oron also developed “Natural China” which is a series of medicinal herbs that help treat diabetes and various other nutritional diseases. The Urpalians is Oron’s fist fictional work and is currently working on its sequel.

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