The Use of Public WiFi Can Put Personal Data at Risk Say VPN Experts

VPN stands for Virtual Private Server, the technology acts as a private tunnel for web traffic. The use of a VPN allows the user to send and receive data securely, secure data transfer is especially important for users who need to bank online from coffee shops or airport lounges.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- VPNsRus.com is a specialist VPN site which claims to be one of the top VPN sites on the web. The site say they have, trialed well over 50 of the leading VPN providers from around the world and compiled their findings by device, features offered and geographic location.

A VPN makes it very difficult for anyone to spy on the users online activity. The only people who will know what the VPN user is up to are the user and the website they are visiting, if using a secure connection even the VPN provider will not know what the user is doing. If the user is in a different country to the VPN even the site he or she is visiting will not know there location, the user could be in London using a VPN in California and whoever checks the analytics of the target site will see the user as being in the same location as their VPN.

A VPN is especially useful for anyone who spends a lot of time using public WiFi, airports and coffee shops are two locations in which a user could be particularly vulnerable. When using public WiFi a person who is not using a VPN could be redirected to a different site without their knowledge, this fake site could then be used by criminals to harvest credit card and banking information.

VPNsRus.com say users have reason to be paranoid, the site say many nefarious types are listening in and attempting to steal data that is being transported over un-secure connections, various Governments of the world want to keep a tab on everything their citizens doing online.

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VPNsRus.com have compiled a top 10 list of their favourite VPN providers, the list can be found at the following url www.vpnsrus.com/top-10-vpn-providers. To compile the list the site say they looked the speed, security, customer support, range of servers and data retention that each provider offered. Users of the site can also choose the best provider for their device; Mac Windows, Android, PlayStation and iOS have all been reviewed as have features. The best VPN providers have been sorted for Netflix, torrenting or gaming purposes.

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