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The Use of SMART Goal Setting Growing

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- As the year comes to a close, many begin to think about goals for the coming year and how they can accomplish certain tasks. Weight loss or engaging in a healthier lifestyle is often one of these goals, but many find they fall off the wagon or have a hard time getting started with the goals they set, and thus end up abandoning them all together. In this case, it’s time to try a new way of thinking and try a smarter approach to goal setting.

Using a technique referred to by ACE fitness counselors as SMART goal setting may help those who have trouble starting on goals as well as those who abandon their aims halfway through the race. Follow the guidelines below to set reasonable, attainable goals for lifestyle changes and one may be surprised at what they can accomplish.

-Specific – a goal should be clear and easy to understand. Rather than making a goal to “get healthy,” define exactly what is to be accomplished. Losing weight, start exercising, stop smoking are all specific goals that can be measured and aimed for easily.

-Measureable – provide enough information to be able to track progress on the goal. Making a goal measurable means adding a number or specific target in mind to aim for.

-Attainable – before coming up with a number or target, make sure it’s a goal that can be reached. Aim high, but not too high to set oneself up for disappointment. Instead of setting an extreme goal of losing X number of pounds in a certain amount of time, try setting a benchmark such as “5 percent of body weight” without a time limit.

-Relevant – set goals that are important to one’s lifestyle at the moment. A person must make a goal relevant to themselves rather than allowing others to influence their choices and aims.

-Time-Bound – provide an end point for motivation. An example would be to lose 5 percent of body weight in 3 months, or lose 1 ½ pounds per week. These are attainable, measureable, and reachable goals all in one sentence.

Goal setting is a powerful motivational tool, and setting the right goals can get a person on track for a healthier lifestyle not only for the coming year, but for all the years they have ahead of them.

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