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The Venerators: Compelling New Book Helps Readers Find Life's 'Hero'; Answering Humanity's Toughest Questions

Written by Clifford Williams, ‘The Venerators’ uses an exploratory style to help readers find answers to why humans exist and what will happen after they die. By analytically studying the world’s major religions and drilling home in the importance of trust, the powerful new book is poised to challenge the thoughts and beliefs of thousands.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- While humanity has discovered everything from how to cure global medical pandemics to the creation of nation-destroying nuclear weapons, two innately-curious questions still remain unanswered – why are we here and where do we go when it’s all ‘over’? However, a revolutionary new book by Washington’s Clifford Williams helps readers discover their own path to answers and find the ‘superhero’ to life’s toughest questions.

‘The Venerators’ is highly-accessible and written for readers of any religion, background or culture.


Pandora’s box has been opened and confusion has spread to the human species.

Truth has been lost and chaos has vanquished mankind. There have been a few who have tried to restore peace. Who knows the truth....who can be trusted to free humanity?

For many melliums, men have arisen giving hope, each challenging their generation to a new kind of truth. But there still is doubt and darkness remains.

The Venerators liberates you from the tyranny of malevolent forces, by giving a method for determining who you can trust, on the greatest questions of humanity: Why are we here and what happens when we die?

As the author explains, his book has a bold outlook.

“The Venerators deals with the most allusive subject for humanity: Life and death. Religion is an unavoidable subject since it attempts to deal with the basic need we have to know why we exist and for what purpose. We each will die and that is a little scary since none knows for sure what happens next. Many today are religious, some are agnostic and fewer are atheists but we all have these commonalities. We all die and no one knows what happens. Some have said they know so who do we trust? Therefore we all need direction on this most important subject. This is the task of The Venerators,” says Williams.

Continuing, “This books deals with this tough subject in a direct way to help the reader put the subject in context and give an approach for helping in this discovery.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“An excellent read for anyone really, but is directed toward the person who is contemplating the meaning of life, and who to trust to direct us in the right way to live. Williams clearly and concisely, gives the pros and cons of each major religion and there founders,” says Sydney Williams, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Nancy was equally as impressed, adding, “Finished The Venerators. This book answers many a question you may want clarified in simple understandable language.. There can be no doubt as to who can trust for your eternity. Who will be your super hero?”

‘The Venerators’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1ahEkU2.

About the Author: Cliff Williams
Cliff Williams is a pastor and missionary. He lives with his wife and six children north of Seattle, Washington.

Cliff studied engineering at Washington State University and worked as a nuclear engineer. After completing service in the Air Force National Guard, he and his family served street kids in Colombia, South America. With the help of a team of friends, Cliff has planted two churches in the U.S. Northwest.

Cliff is currently working with others to help the poor of the community to undergo drug/alcohol rehabilitation, to find housing, and to develop their careers. He is also working on economic development in poor countries.