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The Venus Factor EBook Review by PRFitness - Exposing in-Depth Analysis of John Barban's Women Weight Loss Program


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- The Venus Factor, is a nutrition plan specifically prepared for women in order to aid them significantly in their weight loss process. The plan is spread over a 12 week period and has been designed to considerably enhance the fat burning metabolism of the female body.It includes a unique weight loss tip that does not require women to give up on their favorite foods or spend long, tiresome hours in the gym. This life-changing program for women is the work of John Barban who has done his Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition.

After years of dedicated study and research, John Barban discovered the reason why women face so much more difficulty in shedding extra weight as compared to men. The reason, as shared by John Barban in his nutrition plan, is the irregular movements in the levels of Leptin in females. Leptin is the master hormone that controls how fast or slow the body can burn fat. An increased level of Leptin in the body leads to an increased metabolic rate while low levels of Leptin are treated by the body as a signal to store more fat.


Women naturally have twice as much of Leptin in their body as compared to men.However; there are two unique facts that pose a serious threat to an effective and consistent fat loss process in females. Firstly, women have a natural “Leptin Resistance” tendency which makes their body 3 times less responsive to Leptin’s signal to burn fat than men. Secondly, Leptin levels in the female body drop significantly every time they take up dieting. These two factors combined lead to a sharp decrease in the metabolic rate.

This is where the magic of Venus Factor comes in. It has been designed to give its users a complete guide to as to how they can enhance the Leptin utilization of their body. Hence, they discover the secret to burn excess fat at a much higher rate than before.

The Venus Factor is one of its kind and is all the more lucrative than its alternatives in the market as it means:

-No food cravings
-No frustrating weight loss plateaus
-An astonishingly faster, fat burning metabolism
-Permanent fat loss from female problem areas like the stomach, hips, butt and thighs

Several women from different parts of the world have experienced the unbelievable life-transforming results of this plan.

“After following the program to the T, here I am now, three months after, 44 years old with the same waist I had in college, with a ten month old baby, fit and strong as ever and with the toned body I always dreamed of (without exercising, of course). I look better than most of the girls I see at the gym that are less than half my age. Thank you John.”, Barbara Highland from Mexico said. Roberta is 44 years old and has lost 50lbs. with the help of the Venus plan.

Furthermore, Dr. Jill Hollowell said, “I’ve never reviewed a nutrition plan so perfectly catered for the female metabolism and hormonal environment to encourage quick, sustainable fat loss.”

As of now, the Venus Factor System is available for only $47 which includes The Venus Factor, The Venus Factor Workouts with 143 premium video coaching lessons and access to the Venus Immersion community.