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The Venus Factor Fat Loss Diet Program in Review

John Barban’s The Venus Factor: Detailed Review and Examination of The Fat Loss Program Designed Specifically for Women


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Leslie Rosquist has just released a detailed review of the Venus Factor system, a healthy fat loss program and Leptin diet designed by John Barban created specifically for the female metabolism.

For woman that are serious about loosing fat they to see exactly what John Barbarn has developed with his Venus Factor Diet System. It is created to be the most effective fat loss diet program for women of all body types and ages.

The Venus Factor fat loss diet, John Barban’s weight loss and Leptin reset guide. Made for women to help them fight natural hormones, combat fat, and their own metabolism to achieve their best shape has brought the attention of Leslie Rosequist, triggering the question does Venus Factor work?

“I'd say its no secret when it comes to metabolism, women and men are very different,” reports Rosequist. “Whats weird is that the health, nutrition, and fitness industry's tends to treat fat loss the same for both sexes. John Barban’s Venus Factor program is one of the only effective systems on line that is created exclusively for the female body.”

Over the last 10 years John Barban has spent countless hours as a consultant for some of the largest fat loss and nutritional supplement companies around the world. It was during his time in the business that he stumbled upon a incredible fat burning loophole for women that helps them keep fat off for good. The Venus Factor diet is based on the idea that Leptin is the lead hormone in a Females body that controls the storage and burning of fat.

“Unfortunately, I've learned that most women can be a lot less responsive to the Leptin signal to burn fat cells and they can actually build up a Leptin resistance.” states Rosequist. The Venus Factor explains and shows women how to induce natural metabolic override to overcome the body’s resistance to Leptin, unleashing the Leptin full fat-burning potential. This program explains and shows women how they can achieve fast, permanent fat loss enjoyably without restricting the foods they want.

“Being a woman I know just how critical it is to be able to lose fat without having to battle the cravings all the time. Honestly this is what first grabbed my attention and got me so excited about John Barban’s Venus Factor fat loss diet, says Rosequist.”

The program can also be instrumental in assisting women to overcome challenges and plateaus to help keep the fat from returning to the problem area's like the hips, thighs, and butt area's. The Venus Factor is currently giving away three valuable bonuses with each purchase.

- Venus Factor Workouts
- 12-week female fat loss exercise guide
- 43 premium video coaching lessons that teach more tips and tricks to maximize fat loss
- Access to the Venus Immersion community

So how much does the Venus Factor Fat Loss diet program cost?

The whole set of materials is available for instant download for just $47 while coming with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Go to the official Venus Factor site here to take advantage of the reduced price now.

“Venus Factor is the answer for any woman who has become frustrated with the amount of effort they put into dieting and exercise to lose weight, but still aren’t getting the results they want,” says Rosequist. “This program actually makes the fat loss process enjoyable, and best of all, helps women keep the fat off long-term.”

“Since he's offered the 60-day money back guarantee that comes with each purchase of John Barban’s program, women really have nothing to lose by at least giving this program a try to see what kind of results it provides.”

To watch the detailed video introduction to John Barban's Venus Factor fat loss program click here.

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