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The Venus Factor Review : The Proven Plan for Fast and Permanent Weight Reduction Designed Only for Women


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- The Venus Factor, is a step-by-step guide that has been designed specifically to help women get rid of their excess weight problem as if it never even existed in the first place. It is a nutrition plan prepared specially for women, based on a period of 12 weeks. The plan is designed such that spectacular results can be seen by the end of the 12th week without using any chemical formulas, supplements, giving up on tasty food or even taking up unnecessarily long, strenuous exercises at the gym. It is the outcome of John Barban’s years of study and research of the subject matter. John holds a Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition.

Why do women need this plan?
New research has discovered why women find it so much tougher to lose weight and keep it off for good as compared to men. Through his plan John Barban has shared this secret with hundreds of women out there who have been desperately trying to shed extra weight since years but have reached nowhere. The secret is changes in the levels of Leptin, the master hormone that controls the body’s fat burning mechanism. Increases in levels of Leptin result in a higher metabolic rate whereas lower levels lead to a slower metabolic rate leading to the body storing fat.

Science has proven that women have double the amount of Leptin in their bodies as compared to men. However, their bodies are not able to utilize all the extra Leptin in order to burn extra fat to the optimum level because of two factors. One, female bodies are naturally resistant to Leptin making them 3 times less responsive to Leptin’s signal to burn fat than men. Two, women experience a sharp drop in Leptin levels whenever they undergo the dieting process. Therefore, the metabolic rate decreases significantly in women.


What does the Venus Factor offer?
The Venus Factor has been specifically designed to help the women learn ways to dramatically increase the Leptin utilization of their bodies in order to enhance their metabolic rates.

The plan offers numerous advantages to its users including:
- Zero food cravings
- No frustrating weight loss plateaus
- Easy to follow steps and exercises
- A rapidly increased fat burning metabolism
- Permanent fat loss from female problem areas like the stomach, hips, butt and thighs

Thousands of women from different walks of life have experienced life-changing fat loss results from using the Venus Factor.

“Eight children in 12 years and I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life! I've always had the determination and willpower to exercise and eat right, but was never EVER able to see such unbelievable results until I found Venus. I pinch myself every day to see if I am dreaming...”, Sherah Taylor from Oregon said. Sherah is 36 years old and has lost 60lbs.after using the Venus Factor.

Furthermore, Dr. Jill Hollowell said, “I’ve never reviewed a nutrition plan so perfectly catered for the female metabolism and hormonal environment to encourage quick, sustainable fat loss.”

As of now, the Venus Factor System is available for only $47 which includes The Venus Factor, The Venus Factor Workouts with 143 premium video coaching lessons and access to the Venus Immersion community.