The Venus Factor System - An Honest Unbiased Review Available

The Venus Factor is a system that is specifically designed for accelerating results on women and due to its outstanding results it has become one of the most popular fat-burning programs on the market.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- John Barban is the creator of the new program The Venus Factor, a fat and weight loss program that has helped thousand of women around the world to eliminate their belly fat and achieve higher levels of health and fitness. John Barban, is an expert on the fields of nutrition and biology, creating revolutionary techniques that achieve results in less than 10 days.

The Venus Factor gives the client a detailed guide for planning nutrition need, workout routines, time, motivation and resources to ensure quick and long lasting results for women. Users report that with proper execution of the program, they can instantly feel the changes occurring in their body which helps them keep motivated to continue following the system. The system is well designed and everyone can follow it. It’s also very flexible so users can tweak the workout routines and diets according to their needs and preferences. A lot of women also report to learn about the truths and myths when it comes to topics like dieting, exercising and weight loss in general; all of these benefits give them the correct information to take the right steps towards their desired weight and body shape.

The program consists of a main manual that guides the user through all the details of weight reduction and nutrition guidelines, a 12-week exercise system that provides a great amount of instructional movies to make the exercises and a guide with for users to stick with the workout program. The program also provides a very useful app that helps in calculating calories, protein and carbohydrates needs for weight loss. One of the most valuable products of The Venus Factor is the online community in which users meet to discuss, relate and solve each other’s problems in order to achieve results in the best way possible and to celebrate other user´s success stories.

Those women who are interested in changing their body shape, fat levels and overall health are highly encouraged to visit The Venus Factor official website. This product aims to make it easier for women to lose weight and the website provides a lot of interesting information for all users who are willing to try out this new system and start changing their eating and health habits.

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