The Venus Factor System Diet Review - Weight Loss for Women by Boosting Leptin


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- The popularity of the Venus Factor diet system is increasing every day due to the amazing results this special female program provides in boosting Leptin in women. The word about this special and effective program is quickly spread, as the problem of overweight and obesity is global. This Venus Factor System Diet Review gives an answer to all the women doubts and uncertainties regarding this program effectiveness.

Venus Factor is a revolutionary diet program that uses a completely different approach toward weight issues, as opposed to all other diets available today. Firstly, it specially targets women, as the female body responds to the diets differently. Second, no fasting or limiting of favorite foods is required, which might increase food cravings, as it is with other diets. It is based on natural process of the women’s body to burn fat and increase the metabolism. The third special feature of this program is that Venus Factor weight loss for women approaches individual needs of every woman, as the program is developed based on her waist to hip and height and waist ratios. The forth and the most important reason why this diet program is much more efficient than others is that it is build to boost the Leptin levels in the women’s body.

What is Leptin? Scientists have recently revealed that Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for weight control and fat burn. Men can easier burn fat and slim down, as they are naturally more responsive to this hormone. Unfortunately, the women have much more problems with weight gain, as their body is less responsive to Leptin signals that is why they are more prone to accumulate excess fat.

What happens when women start fasting? Fasting is an ineffective way to slim down, as it further reduces Leptin levels in the body and women cannot get rid of a single pound due to the slowed down metabolism. They quickly gain weight after they finish fasting and end up with even more excess pounds than before.

Venus Factor diet program offers an entirely new approach that has proven to be the best solution to weight problems in women. It contains no fasting, no special diet supplements, no workouts in the fitness gyms, etc. The main focus of this diet is the Leptin levels, so women can start burning excess fat fast. Thousands of happy clients report amazing results, such as dropping up to 3 dress sizes within a week and no more worries about the weight. This 12-week diet promises women to not only reach their desirable weight but also to maintain it effectively.

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About Venus Factor
Venus Factor is a special diet program created to help women of all ages to slim down regardless of any complicating factors, like heredity, genetics, related diseases, etc. With the Venus Factor, every woman can make a total change in her life.