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Review of the Venus Factor by John Barban - Is This a Best Feminine Body Transformation Formula? or This Program Is Just a Scam? Read This Review of Venus Factor Ladies Before Buy


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2014 -- The Venus Factor program is an innovative system designed to help women worldwide struggling to lose weight. John Barban has a vast experience in the supplement industry and acknowledges the fact that the supplements given in any other weight loss program are very dangerous and can have many harmful effects on the body. Venus Factor is free from all such supplements and is completely natural.

It is a unique breakthrough system following which its users have achieved astonishing results. The main focus of the system is on retrieving the sensitivity of a fat burning hormone present inside the body, leptin. This can be done by the use of a particular herb which boosts the fat burning process resulting ultimately to weight loss and body shaping.


A Spectacularly Layout Producing Spectacular Results
The layout of Venus Factor comprises of a 12 week fat loss system, Venus Factor virtual nutritionist, Venus Factor work out regime and several other bonuses mentioned on its official website. Elaborating on the 12 week program a little further, Venus Factor teaches its users to manage their diets and to avoid certain foods but other than this, the users can eat what they want and like but in moderations. The Venus Factor workout regime is also based on 12 weeks and is divided into three 4 week cycles. The exercises mentioned in the program are to be done three times a week.

These are simple sets of exercises which are easy to do at home and require only a reclining bench, a pair of dumbbells and a mat. These sets of exercises can be repeated depending upon one’s stamina and the goal to be achieved. For further simplicity, 130 high quality and high definition videos are included online on the official website of Venus Factor to show exactly how the exercises are done for optimum results.


Women Come In All Shapes and Sizes- Venus Factor Caters Them All
The Venus Factor Nutritionist software works for every woman differently according to their height-to-waist ratio, waist-to-hip ratio and waist-to-shoulder ratio. After these ratios are calculated, the virtual nutritionist calculates each woman’s caloric intake and sets the diet plan according to it. It gives a very good and genuine nutritional plan showing which foods to eat and which to keep away from. This specially includes the use of the leptin response herb which will be known only after purchasing the Venus Factor program.

Additional Benefits
Not only does this spectacular system help in weight and fat loss, it also helps in muscle toning thus shaping the body exactly the way a feminine body should be. With its flexible workout program which can be implemented at home or at the gym and help with the amazing videos, Venus Factor is a very promising one of its kind system. Additional benefits include a 60 day money back guarantee and the Venus Immersion Community where women with the same weight loss issues share their experiences losing weight and toning their body by using this wonderful program. This boosts determination and helps in staying focused with complete dedication. An approach which is unique and never heard of; the leptin hormone approach is surely winning hearts of women around the globe.

Venus Factor is an effective weight loss program especially designed for women by John Barban who is a known and qualified nutritionist and biologist himself.