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The Visuals of Food Matter: Graham Precey Photography Comments


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- The visual potential of food could be considered more important than ever – especially in light of the media attention given to baking and cooking in recent years. For example, recent figures have shown that the first episode from the new sixth series of The Great British Bake Off attracted an initial audience of 9.3 million viewers at least. This could be seen to highlight not only a popular interest in looking at food products, but a culture increasingly orientated towards cooking and presenting food for recreation.

Many people will agree that food, especially baking, can prompt strong emotional responses. Therefore, the prevalence of these products in the media – often presented in increasingly innovative ways – highlight that it is a subject which does not tire. Increasing focus has been given to the method of presentation – not just through the television screen, but an increasingly popular form, photographs. Food photography is a thriving industry, with the demand for images of attractive products in demand – as can create appealing advertising, gift cards, decorations and much more. Therefore it could be seen that the cultural revival of food is well underway.

About Graham Precey Photography
Graham Precey Photography is a prime example of a business which values food and its abilities for lasting appeal, as well aesthetic qualities. Graham Precey himself is a London food photographer with extensive experience, having worked on a variety of projects. He takes pride in capturing beautiful stills of fine products – often used in advertising. A spokesperson from the business had this to say:

"The visual potential of food is certainly something to be celebrated, and this is already evident through mediums such as television. With photography, the quality can be even more striking, plus a produced photograph can provide a physical preservation of a food or dish you can keep for as long as you like. The capacities in food photography are multitudinous and we hope that people continue to enjoy food through this method."

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