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The Wait Is over for Android Users, Imoblife Inc Brings Device Optimizing Apps


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Android is becoming an increasingly popular operating system for cell phone users of all ages across the globe. Since now it is very affordable, millions of people are using it right now. Imoblife.Inc brings certain free to download apps for the purpose of optimizing device capability and performance. They help keeping a check on what the android run device is up to as well.

The All in One Tool Box:

The first app of all is the All-In-One Toolbox, which has a total of 29 tools that all can come in handy for android users sooner or later. As of February 19th the download of Imoblife has reached 10 million that speaks of its popularity. This app comes in 20 different languages and this account to be the reason why it has 4 million users at the moment. What is new in it? It provides real tie information about the system in the running. For example, it tells of the situation of memory and its utilization with each passing minute and helps optimize the performance of the android run device’s system.

The Memory Booster:

Since cell phones are not always loaded with space of data storage, the Memory Booster app helps keeping the device clean from “garbage” and keeps enough room in the RAM for useful data. It also tells of the memory utilization in the form of a graph thus making it easier for a common user to understand. It comes with a one tap quick booster, with the help of this function, all the idly running tasks are stopped and at once the user can feel the device lightened. This app also comes in a number of languages.

The Battery Booster:

This app once again provides the users of android devices with device optimizing features by increasing their battery life and by safe keeping its charging. Most cell phones burn themselves out by keeping several un-used applications open which once closed can result in reduction of battery consumption a great deal. The Battery Booster application is amongst the best recommended and popular apps by Imoblife and has users reaching 4 million in number at the moment and counting.

To download these wonderful applications to help save memory, battery and to enhance the performance of device run on android, download the applications from Imoblife.Inc website and begin making use of the current best mobile device performance enhancement applications. Millions of satisfied users are the self speaking testimonial of these wonderful applications.

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