The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD Box Set Is Available


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- One of the most celebrated televisions shows of all time has finally released its 3rd season to own in an incredible new The Walking Dead Season 3 DVD box set. This set includes hours of bonus footage and each captivating moment from the hit program. Based off of the popular graphic novel series, The Walking Dead has secured its spot as one of the best shows to ever grace the world of television. It has acquired an intense following and its fans are always eager for more from these zombie slayers.

The Walking Dead follows Sheriff Rick Grimes and his struggles to survive in this new terrifying world. After being put into a coma while on duty, Rick awakens from his slumber to world that is different than when he left it. Society has crumbled, government is lost, and the undead walk among us. These creatures have proven to be quite the enemy, but Rick will also have to deal with other humans and the search for food and shelter. In addition to following the Sheriff, fans are also watching those that are under Rick’s care. While nothing is ever perfect, this group of survivors does what they must to survive the many threats around them.

In season three, the show truly begins to heat up. After months of living from camp to camp scavenging what they can, Rick and his group encounter a prison. Rick sees an opportunity in this and decides to take over this fortress, though it is not easy. Unfortunately, Rick has no idea that a much larger group has created a sanctuary in a town known as Woodbury. It is run by the mysterious Governor and Rick’s group soon learns that they may have problems that are even worse than the hordes of the undead roaming the world.

Fans of the show rave that it is exciting, terrifying, dramatic, and an all-around pleasure to watch. With its fantastic cast and wonderful directing, The Walking Dead is truly a once in a lifetime type of show. With the release of this expansive DVD box set, fans can own each and every amazing moment from the most recent season of The Walking Dead. It is an affordable way to own one of the most critically praised television shows of all time and there is certainly no other offer like it.

The Walking Dead has finished up its 3rd season and it does not plan on stopping anytime soon like the True Blood 1-6 DVD and House MD DVD Box Set. The show will start again this fall, so it is important to catch up on the show as soon as possible. Bring home this DVD box set that includes every episode of season three, as well as a wealth of bonus features. This box set is perfect for any true fan of The Walking Dead and it is an absolute must own. Purchase yours today; you will not regret it.

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