The Walking Dead TV Series, Meets Female Cyborgs That Give Birth Sci Fi Book Trilogy


Nassau, Bahamas -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Announcing the release of the book trilogy Midwife, Inc., written by author Kevin D. Rolle targeted to science fiction enthusiasts - particularly women ages 17 to 32. The author anticipates that the series may prove to generate controversy as it delves into the longrange consequences of abortion through several generations of women and their daughters.

Not to mention the question of the ethical nature of creating cyborgs that act as surro-gates for the unborn.....even giving birth to human beings.

Mr. Rolle thinks that many readers will see this as a human interest series despite it's setting in the apocalyptic future wastelands. A new, and fresh take, never before seen or read in sci-fi books. Author Kevin D. Rolle is confident that if you enjoyed The Walking Dead TV series, The Twilight series, Hunger Games, or the Underworld series, then you should find this very interesting.

The Midwife, Inc. series begins with book one. The United States in 2019 is now a devastated, apocalyptic waste land, with mutant human beings and huge creatures roaming the landscape. There is strong evidence of multiple disasters, natural and man made, hitting the country. (And possibly the entire world.) It is unclear at the beginning how and why any of this took place. But little by little, the truth is revealed. (And those responsible).

Three companies see this devastation as an opportunity for wealth and riches, and will go to virtually any lengths to get their hands on the technology to solve what they consider to be the world's most pressing problem in this type of toxic, environment.....a way to bring a healthy child into the artificial, cybernetic means.

Their different methods of achieving this, corporate sabotage and infighting, leads to conflict and situations that may take the world to the brink of destruction of mankind.

Book 1 is the introduction to this madness.

Book Two, Prototypes Prologue...The story continues with a flashback to the beginning of the worldwide cataclysm, and those responsible for the devastation. In particular, Lea and another's history is looked at, and what led to their transformations to cyborgs.

The corporate greed involving Midwife, Inc. and it's competitors come to a head, and the entire world now suffers because of their insanity. If you liked the first book, this second volume explains and ties a lot of loose ends.

Book Three, Aftermath, has not yet been published. In this book, we see the prototypes carrying out their assignments, assisting mankind. We also see the three companies continuing to thwart each other's progress through corporate sabotage. But, a new threat emerges in the form of someone they least expect.

I also have several other books already published to the Amazon Kindle platform including, "The Caddie Chronicles", "Ode To The Fanatical Golfer", "The Catholic Pope Elections".

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