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The Wallet Shop Seeks to Be the First Only Online Mens Wallet Store


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- The Wallet Shop is a new retailer of different wallets such as mens leather wallets , front pocket wallets, and money clip wallets. Having been established since the year 2007 from a small boutique store in New York City, their sales have grown tremendously. The Wallet Shop employs over 250 employees across 50 states. Their quality wallets are the reason why many choose to purchase from them.

The company retails wallets made from many different materials such as alligator skin wallets, snake skin wallets, leather wallets and even other exotic furs such as sable fur wallets. Materials are imported from Australia, Russia, and Canada and assembled in the United States. Stringent quality guidelines ensure that every wallet produced passes the company’s standards.

Purchasing wallets online especially for men is a difficult task. The Wallet Shop has a large variety of wallets to choose from depending on the lifestyle making it easy to shop. The number of wallets added to their collection is updated regularly with new designs from the design department.

The decision to establish an online retail store comes after much success from The Wallet Shop’s retail locations which saw large sales volumes especially during the Christmas holiday season. The CEO believes that The Wallet Shop will expand into custom women’s wallets in the future and sees this as an untapped and growing market. At present the company is looking for financing to expand into different countries.

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About The Wallet Shop
The Wallet Shop is an ecommerce website that retails a variety of mens wallets such as front pocket wallets and money clip wallets.

Company Name: The Wallet Shop
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States
Contact Email:
Phone Number: 656-365-2378