The Walls Speak at Famous Formosa Café Live Radio Event to Reveal Untold Secrets & Marilyn Memories


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- Millions of devoted fans will commemorate the 53rd Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death on August 5, 2015. As an early kick-off celebration to salute the life and works of Marilyn and stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Goodnight Marilyn Radio will air a LIVE "Hooray for Hollywood" radio event, hosted by Nina Boski, from the famous FORMOSA Café in West Hollywood on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 11:00-2:00PST.

Thousands of listeners and hundreds of fans are expected to participate in the live festivities and hear behind the scene stories, memories and untold secrets from Hollywood stars and insiders, Marilyn's personal contacts, and the renowned and newly formed Investigation team looking to re-open Marilyn's case.

As the Hollywood hot spot to the stars, the illustrious Formosa Café is famous for hosting the biggest celebrities of Hollywood's Golden Age: Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Dean Martin, Grace Kelly and many others; but most recognizably the filming of Marilyn Monroe's legendary comedy "Some Like It Hot," where Marilyn spent much of her time at booth #5. So if there's "no business like show business" then there's "no café like the historic Formosa Café" where the walls have had eyes and ears for over 50 years! So come get the inside scoop as Goodnight Marilyn Radio takes you on a remarkable journey through Hollywood's Golden Age.

Joining us will be Vince Jung, owner of the Formosa who will expose the mystery of what's been hiding under the floors of the Formosa Cafe; acclaimed director Mark Rydell, and veteran actors Ed Asner, Ron Masak (Murder She Wrote) and Kevin Dobson (Knotts Landing) share their behind the scenes Hollywood experiences; notorious photographer Douglas Kirkland reveals timeless stories of his close encounter and work with Marilyn; hear tales from a host of other classic Hollywood Stars and Marilyn fan club president, Greg Shriner; interact with the variety of Marilyn Impersonators….plus many more amazing surprise appearances! And of course, you the public are invited to share in the festivities at the newly remodeled Formosa Café, atop their amazing new rooftop deck!

Adding to the excitement of the celebration will be new updates for the upcoming feature film, "Goodnight Marilyn," set to be directed by Drew Ann Rosenberg, and produced by media executive, Nina Boski and notable Hollywood, independent producers, Ron Singer and Scott Reed. "Goodnight Marilyn" isn't just another biopic. With a film noir essence, the movie creates a unique perspective that delves deep into the mysterious events of the last three days of Marilyn's life from the perspective of a private detective," says producer Boski. "The characters have insatiable ambition which compels them to reinvent their lives. Our film pleads the question, 'How far would you go to make your dreams come true?'"

Intrigue around the movie continues to escalate as renowned specialists continue to join the real-life INVESTIGATION TEAM that seeks to re-open the cold case of Marilyn Monroe's death. The event will shine even brighter as you take part in the unbelievable announcement of who will be the next heavy hitter joining The INVESTIGATION TEAM. You'll find this block buster team vetting fact from fiction on Goodnight Marilyn Radio, and their upcoming investigative reality TV Show, The Investigation Room. Esteemed members of the Investigation Team include: Dr. Cyril Wecht (world's most renowned Forensic pathologist), Dr. Reef Karim (prominent psychiatrist), Dr. Scott Bonn (criminologist & suicide expert), Ricky Jones (Government & Law), Owen "Skip" McOmber (ex?LAPD homicide), Darrell Connerton (ex?CIA) and Gary Vitacco?Robles (Marilyn expert and author of the critically acclaimed biography of Marilyn, ICON: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe").

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