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The Warrior's Stone: Passion, Betrayal & Dream Telepathy Collide in Cinematic New Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel by Matthew O. Duncan

‘The Warrior’s Stone’ is the first volume in a series that sat on the drawing board for over two years. Taking readers to an unexplored planet where a military Commander has been shot down, a young female savior and the newfound ability to communicate through dreams leads to a bold act that betrays the Crown. Lives are in jeopardy and readers are invited along for the tumultuous ride to redemption.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- While it is his first published novel, Matthew O. Duncan is an award-winning veteran of stage, photography and literature. Decades of experience have taught Duncan the importance of diligently developing ideas, rather than rushing them out to the public for the sake of haste. His new novel, ‘The Warrior’s Stone’ is no different, spending two years in development and resulting in a product that far supersedes the quality of most self-published authors.

‘The Warrior’s Stone’ will delight any fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Adventure. Be prepared to explore the hidden depths of the psyche and then join the protagonists as they learn the truth of their destiny.

The year is 2319.

The war with the Serken has finally turned to the favor of the Allied worlds for the first time in over a decade, yet it is far from over. Lt. Commander Roy O’Hara leads his squadron of combat fighters against the enemy’s latest Super Destroyer and is shot down over an unexplored planet. Unknown to all, the planet holds secrets to a long lost alien weapon, the key to Roy’s own destiny and his role in an age old prophecy.

Near death Roy is found by Katreena, a beautiful and mysterious woman. She is part of the medieval society on the planet that knows nothing of space or alien wars. On a solitary trip, she finds Roy, broken and battered, and saves his life with the Boto Stone; one of the most powerful tools of the healers in their society. She is unaware that by doing so she will create a deep bond and awaken an affect not seen for hundreds of years; the ability to communicate to each other in dreams.

An unguarded moment leads to a forbidden night of intimacy; an act of betrayal to the crown, an act that will put both their lives in jeopardy. Katreena flees to save them both, but their ability to access each other’s dreams does not diminish. Danger increases as their secret may be discovered and war erupts on their planet.

“Originally I had planned to write is as a screenplay, yet there was something lost in the structure of the writing. I soon realized that the depth and complexity of the story would be lost in the translation of film making, a novel would have to come first,” explains Duncan. “The long form of writing in novels gave me the opportunity to paint a complete picture for the reader of the new world and universes within the pages. A new universe that is so rich it has already inspired two more books and maybe more.”

Continuing, “It took two years of crafting and re-writing to get things perfect, and I now present the public with a story that they can truly make their own. It’s certainly a unique twist on many cookie-cutter Sci-Fi fantasy novels; for an audience that is demanding new material.”

Due to the success of this first volume, Duncan has recently announced two future releases.

“As for the next two books in the ‘New Terra Sagas’. Both ‘Return of the T.S.S. Phoenix’ and ‘The Emperor’s Stone (working title)’ they are tentatively scheduled for release over the next couple of years, but I have not set a first date as of yet, because I want to make sure they meet up to the same quality as the first.

In the meantime, ‘The Warrior’s Stone’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1mHXaJe.; http://www.apple.com/itunes/

For more information and news, visit the official website: http://mattoduncan.wix.com/the-warriors-stone.

About Matthew O. Duncan
Matthew O. Duncan is an award winning playwright, photographer and writer. Attending Northern Arizona University he earned degrees in Theater & Psychology, and won his first three awards for play writing. Starting his career with the Disney Co. he cut his teeth learning the "ins and outs" of the world’s most successful entertainment company. Moving on to find more challenges and creative freedom he worked for a number of theaters where he wrote plays, performed on stage, directed and then finally became a novelist. Matt currently lives in Peoria, AZ with his lovely wife Carleesa and their two boys.