The Way to Use Explainer Videos to Increase Ad Interaction Revealed

Video advertising is changing the online advertising landscape at breakneck speeds and companies are paying top dollar to keep up. Demand is high and video ad rates are typically 10 times higher than the price of online display advertising. Find out how companies like create video ads for less with the ability to increase ad interaction by nearly 200%.


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- The popularity of online video and online video advertising is rapidly growing. Last year ComScore reported over 20 billion ad impressions with 183 million Americans watching more than 44 billion online content videos in June alone. The number of video ad views was over 20 billion. Video production companies like help businesses keep up with the times and increase ad interaction with a newer kind of video advertising.

Animated explainer video is a highly customizable kind of video that is not only cost effective, it can be tailored to a business with a relatively low level of effort. Animated explainer videos, a.k.a. demo videos or how-it-works videos, communicate a brand’s unique message in an entertaining way while getting to the point, fast.

Video advertising has changed the advertising landscape.

Because of online video, brands can capture their audience’s attention with more than static imagery. Video pre-roll advertising typically allows businesses a 10-15 second spot where they can tell their story and turn a shopper into a loyal fan. But brands are finding it’s not easy to capture and keep a prospect’s attention when competing with videos of epic fails and dancing cats.

Enter This animated explainer video production company knows how to tell a story right. With close to four years in the industry and hundreds of videos produced, is expert at making even the dullest of topics seem interesting and fun.

“Now brands can tell their story through animated video instead of just text,” said Albert Berry, co-founder of has been in the business of producing animated explainer videos since 2011.

“With video animation, your message and delivery is only limited by your imagination,” Berry said.

Companies like HP, Office Depot and are taking advantage of the creative potential that animation provides and combining it with the power of social media to create a wildfire of engagement. Steamwire’s 30-second pre-roll animation video is just one success story. After Steamwire incorporated an animated explainer video created by in their in-banner video, the ad earned a 200% increase in click through rates and the interaction rate for their pre-expandable ad rose to nearly 11% while the interaction rate for their expandable ad rose to 15.7%.

Erik Kretchmar, also co-founder of, credits the success of animated explainer videos when used for pre-roll advertising to its ability to tell a story better than other kinds of online advertising.

“The big benefit of animation over live action is the depth of story we can tell using animation,” said. “With animation we can produce very detailed scripts that help position our client’s offering in a relatable way.”

As an example, often produces spots where a character is shown in a setting that resonates with them such as in the home, office, gym, or on-the-go.

“If we were to produce the same story using live action the cost would be at least 3-4 times higher. Plus, animation if done right is fun, fast moving, and engaging,” Kretchmar said.

One may be asking how one can create an animated explainer video for one’s website or advertising campaign that will be successful.

Kretchmar has three pieces of advice.

1) Make it simple and relatable.
The key is to tell a story that the viewer can relate to and easily understand. The goal is to get the viewers attention so they want to learn more.

2) Tell a story. produces scripts that tell a story and take viewers along a path. It’s not necessary to show every single feature and benefit of a product or service. Sometimes less is more.

3) Keep it short.
“Keep it brief. We don’t recommend going over 60-70 seconds for general value proposition type of pitch,” said Kretchmar.

About was established in 2011 and has been producing ultra-engaging animated explainer videos and video ads ever since. has worked with companies of all sizes, both B2B and consumer-oriented, helping drive brands forward and inspire customers to take action. is a full-service animated explainer video production company offering everything from detailed “how it works” videos to high-level value-proposition videos, YouTube marketing videos, pre roll ad production, trade show video production and email marketing videos. Video styles can vary from funny to serious, cartoony to 3-dimensional.