The Website Nmisr.com Is an Online Forum for News, Articles, and Information on Varied Topics

According to Alexa, Nmisr.com is one of the top ten sites in Egypt and holds the 1220th position worldwide


Cairo, Egypt -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- The website Nmisr.com is a well-known online resource based in Egypt. It is focused on providing news, articles and information on various topics. This website is based on AdSense revenue sharing, and therefore editors are guaranteed to receive income by posting contents directly to the page.

People from all streams can discuss and share news, media and other information through this online source. According to Alexa Web Information Company, Nmisr.com holds a top position among other websites functioning in Egypt. In addition, it also holds the 1220th position in global ranking.

A number of informative as well as educative articles are posted on the site, with the purpose of expanding the knowledge base of the Egyptian public. At present, Nmisr.com has over 286,000 members and millions of posts in their credibility account. New viewers can go through categories like Forums, News Egypt, Facebook, Art News, YouTube, Education News, Girls, Movies, Photos, Cars, Jokes, News Sports, Love, Romance, Programs, Games, Phone Bill and Chat to collect data.

Some of the recent posts featured on this online informative source are titled Bulletin National Employment and Presentation, Learn 27 Countries Do Not Need a Visa To Enter, Wonderful Video For The Pilgrimage Since 80 years, The Most Beautiful Pictures of the Space Taken By NASA and so on. New visitors can also collect details regarding dates of rallies and other events via Nmisr.com. Results and comments on polls, surveys and services are provided to online information seekers.

The website’s privacy policy says, “Privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us like many other sites on the Internet. Nmisr.com use cookies in order to keep your name and your ranking.”

Nmisr.com also acts as a general forum for posing questions and finding the answers. Those who wish to search for answers to a specific category of information can register at this website and seek the requisite data. The link at this interactive medium carries a number of questions and corresponding answers that have been proven to be reliable.

People from all over the world rely on websites and social media to acquire data. Nmisr.com appears to be a reliable and trustworthy source providing platforms for individuals to share as well as exchange news, games and other pieces of information.

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About Nmisr.com
Nmisr.com is owned and operated by Abdelrahman Ellithy. This online source is aimed at providing a platform for people to exchange views, opinions, latest news, games and much more. Thousands of people from across the country are now using this website as a source to collect useful information through articles and posts.

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