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The WeeTect Workshop: Welcome to a 2 Days' Workshop on UV Face Shield


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- WeeTect is pleased to announce that they will be having a 2 day workshop about the UV face shield. This is the first workshop in China that will give the end users more insights on why they need this particular product in industrial applications. The workshop will mainly focus on industrial safety.

For over decades, WeeTect is has specialized on safety equipment that is used in industries such as the auto darkening welding helmets, hockey visor and face shields among other products.

The WeeTect UV face shield (WUVFS) has gained popularity in a number of manufacturing industries due to the wide range of benefits they provide. This device has been manufactured to meet the internationally accepted standards such as the EN170, ANSI Z87.1 and EN166. This product is resistant to UV radiation. The WUVFS, have an anti-fog coating. They are also resistant to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature and chemical attack.

The WUVFS is a unique product because:

1. It has been manufactured from polycarbonate sheet
2. The shield has a hydrophilic coating thus, it is considered to have the best anti-fog properties
3. It is UV380 resistant
4. The high temperature, impact and scratch resistant are other outstanding properties.
5. They are sustainable with a long service life span.

WeeTect, has incorporated all these features to ensure that the product remains safe for use and that it meets all the required safety standards.

What to expect during the workshop
This workshop will take place within the company premises. During this workshop, a myriad of issues will be addressed to give people more insights on the following key issues:

1. What the WeeTect UV face shield is all about. This will include all the features, maintenance, benefits, etc.

2. Demonstrate how this safety equipment should be used

3. Step by step evaluation process of safety equipment

The company will showcase other safety equipment that is produced by the company. The workshop will have ten sessions with five sessions every day. This will be a better opportunity to meet WeeTect's technical team. This workshop will also provide a better platform where you can seek clarifications on things you don't comprehend in the safety industry.

Other companies within this industry have been invited. They are expected to showcase their safety equipment. Remember, most government agencies are keen to ensure that all companies adopt the required safety standards. Apart from these, you'll get the opportunity to purchase other WeeTect products at an affordable price. These include helmet visors, face shields, auto darkening welding helmet, plastic mirror, tint film, coating and plastic sheet among other products. This 2 day workshop has quite a number of opportunities that you cannot afford to miss. WeeTect, encourages all workers in the manufacturing industries to attend the workshop.

About WeeTect
WeeTect was established in 1993. It focuses in researching and manufacturing safety equipment. Due to its quality production process, the company has been able to supply quite a number of their products in China, Europe and America.

For more information about WeeTect visit: http://www.weetect.com or contact sales@weetect.com