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The WeeTect's Cutting-Edge Anti-Fog Film Guarantees a Fog-Free World


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- The new anti-fog film manufactured by WeeTect has finally eliminated the fog problem. This was announced by the company after this product passed all the tests that were conducted at the WeeTect Lab.

This company puts more emphasis on R & D alongside quality manufacturing processes. They have testing laboratory in Foshan that has specialized in testing the face and eye protection devices. This company conducts the following key tests for their products: ultraviolet aging, anti-fog, abrasion, resistance, refractive power, scattering, spectral transmittance and hardness tests. They have another laboratory in Wuxi. It focuses of auto-darkening welding helmet. These laboratories have been equipped with modern equipment. They comply with the E EN379/ ANSI Z87.1/ CSA Z94.3 and ECE324/22.05.

In the press release that was posted on the company's official website, weetect.com, it highlighted the major milestones towards improving safety. As of early this year, the company started campaigning for "a free fog world".

The fundamental aspects of anti-fog technology

Technology is advancing and as always, getting better by the day. It is worth noting that, eliminating fog is a complex process. Fog consists of a mass of crystal ice suspended in the air just above the earth's surface, which proves to be a real menace. It has quite a number of negative, effects including reducing visibility, sound and acoustic and shadows. It is for this reason that WeeTect invested quite a number of its resources in trying to eradicate this problem.

The company has tried to blend the existing technology and their finding during the research. The anti-fog technology, involves applying a thin coating on all visual wear and transparent glass or plastic. This coating may be in the form of specific agents or treatment. It is formulated specifically to prevent the forging tendencies.

When fogging occurs, especially for the industrial workers with goggles, they are forced to take off this safety equipment and wipe it to have a clear view of what they're doing. This is very dangerous in an industrial setup where one shouldn't have any divided attention. This only results in time wastage and occasionally a bother to the wearer. It is basically the main reason why WeeTect invested in the anti-fog technology.

Presently, there are two types of anti-fog coatings. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic, which work best at different moisture levels.

1. Hydrophilic lens coating

This is called hydrophilic because it is "water loving". It works best under moderate moisture, such as the body. This is when the body's temperature rises above the surrounding moisture because of its vigorous action.

It contains a polyvinyl alcohol compound, a water soluble synthetic polymer that absorbs water into the matrix while evaporating moisture. For this to be successful as such, a base of four layers of silicon molecules is first applied through an atmospheric plasma process. Not only do these layers succeed and bond to one another, but also leave room for alcohol to bond to them. This bonding ensures high durability and hardness due to combined coating.

2. Hydrophobic lens coating

This is hydrophobic because it is "water repellant". It can work perfectly well in low, moderate and high moistures. The anti-fogging agents can be made of manganese oxide polystyrene, zinc oxide polystyrene, precipitated calcium carbonate, carbon nano-tube structures or silica nano-coating. However, the silica nano-coating is the cheapest. These materials are highly water repellant, hence they create a sheath that quickly slides water off the lens without affecting vision.

Anti-fog technology by WeeTect has enhanced a clear view, which means a better experience. Transparent face and eye protection equipment that have been treated with anti-fog technology will always remain clear. It ensures that the equipment is safe.

This company has also announced that they will be setting up more laboratories for testing the safety equipment. It is trying to venture in the even stronger coating containing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. It is believed that this technology will be fundamental in this dynamic market. This can only be good news as the negative effects of fog, will reduce significantly.

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