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The WeeTect's Scratch Protection Films Named Top Brand of 2015


Songjiang, Shanghai -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2015 -- WeeTect has introduced a new scratch protection film that meets the internationally acceptable standards. This is yet, another milestone in the modern industrial applications where safety is a priority.

While launching this product in Shanghai, China, the Chief Executive Officer stressed on the need to have the right safety equipment. This is attempt to comply with the stringent measures that have been put in place to guarantee safety in industries.

The number of accidents that have been witnessed so far was alarming. It was also shocking to note that 37.9% of company workers do not get the value for their efforts back. This is because they spend their hard earned money for treatment. To make it worse, some are declared redundant simply because they do not add value to the company after accidents.

Still, WeeTect also focuses on ensuring that the protection films are also scratchproof. As a matter of fact, it is heart wrenching to watch the most priced assets develop permanent and unflattering marks as a result of a scratch. This is the main reason why WeeTect opted to invest in this particular research.

It is at this exact point where polycarbonate scratch protection films become handy. They are known for their extremely thin, hard coating that is optically transparent. By using the appropriate technology. Some of the key features of the WeeTect's scratch protection film include:

Hard coating

The hard coating nature of this film protects it from chemical attack (which results in pollution and corrosion), pencil hardness (or an object thereof), strong UV rays, scratch or abusive cleaners and detergents.

This is very important since a lot of confusion and contamination occur at different stages of production. These include manufacturing, storing, transportation and use. One can never be sure who or what comes into contact with this equipment, the exact damage that is caused and at what stage. Without this knowledge, damage correction can prove to be a tedious task.

Thin and transparent

The fact that this material is super thin and transparent makes it even more attractive. For instance, its usage in eye protection enables light to penetrate through, but blocks the harmful UV rays. Plus, it has a low haze characteristic enhancing visibility.


It is able to resist wear. It withstands very high temperatures and impacts without spoiling. It can also undergo major deformations without reaching cracking or breaking point. The best part is that it lengthens the equipment's service life, hence saving on the maintenance costs. This cost can be as high as monthly or fortnightly.

Easy to clean

The WeeTect's scratch protection film is easier to clean. Despite the earlier hard coating characteristic of the polycarbonate scratch protection film materials, it has a low surface energy coating, which is much easier to clean. This saves time and money as no threatening stains remain behind after cleaning.

This company has been improving on this safety equipment with an aim of making it more efficient and reliable. Other techniques such as the hydrophilic technology has also become common. Applying hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating, especially to eye lenses reduces fogging. Hydrophilic, works best in moderate moistures by absorbing water into the matrix while evaporating moisture.

Hydrophobic, this is water repelling, creates a sheath that quickly slides water off the lens without affecting vision. For extended life, it is advisable to apply all the cleaning procedures and detergent ingredients that come with the purchase pack. This not only super extends service life, but also ensures responsibility.

About WeeTect
These have been the main reasons why the WeeTect's scratch protection films have become a top brand in in 2015. WeeTect is a company based in China that specializes in researching and manufacturing protection devices such as face shields.

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