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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- Many people would like to lose weight, but restrictive diets are often discouraging when dieters do not have the help of an appetite suppressant. Because many appetite suppressants are chemical compounds, certain dieters are concerned about harmful side effects. Now, there is a completely natural weight-loss supplement on the market that is helping dieters to curb their appetites by harnessing the power of saffron.

Saffron is a plant that has been used in cooking since ancient times, and now it has recently become an all-natural solution for weight loss.

After having received great media attention, satiereal saffron extract has become a topic of interest for many individuals who are interested in losing weight more quickly. For this reason, a website called was created in order to provide information on this supplement, and the website is already generating a lot of traffic.

The website provides an explanation of the appetite-curbing benefits of this natural extract: “Various research studies have been conducted in order to examine the ability of saffron extract to curb appetite. The research produced some incredible results. They found that saffron extract didn’t help curb appetite in a physical way, but in a mental one! It works as a neurotransmitter and helps regulate serotonin, the chemical in the brain that helps maintain a sense of well-being. By helping to regulate emotion, it also works to eliminate the nasty habit of emotional eating.”

Many people wonder exactly how satiereal saffron extract can function as a neurotransmitter. provides the answer to this question by giving a full explanation of exact science that enables saffron extract to stimulate serotonin receptors in order to curb emotional eating and suppress appetite.

The website also explains the benefits that saffron extract provides even beyond helping with weight-loss strategies. These benefits, which are all covered in an article featured on, include positive mood effects, pain relief, improved memory and less insomnia. Website visitors can also discover the history of saffron and its development as a weight-loss supplement.

In this way, provides a vast amount of information on the advent of satiereal saffron extract, its growing use as a weight-loss supplement and all the advantages it offers to those who take it.

About is a website that provides visitors with information on the new appetite-curbing weight-loss supplement known as satiereal saffron extract. In addition to giving an overview of the history of saffron and the development of satiereal saffron extract, the website also gives details on all of the health benefits of this natural plant product.

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