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The Weight Loss Secrets of Lauren Goodger Are Revealed on Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- Lauren Goodger is arguably just as famous for her ongoing weight loss efforts, as she is for her starring role in The Only Way Is Essex. She regularly appears in newspapers and magazines, and her weight loss story so far has now been discussed on Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com as well.

This Lauren Goodger weight loss story discusses her latest attempts to lose weight in 2012, and provides details of her weight loss boot camp, where she lost 6 pounds in just 3 and a half days.

It also discusses how she has attempted to stay slim and lose a few more pounds in the weeks following this gruelling weight loss camp.

As well as revealing how Lauren Goodger has attempted to shed a few pounds in 2012, it also reveals how she successfully lost a stone in weight back in 2011.

This article reveals which diet pill she used to help her lose all this weight, and also examines some of the weight loss properties of this particular supplement. Apparently the diet pill that she used is able to boost the metabolism, block carbohydrate intake and suppress the appetite.

The writer of this article finally offers his own thoughts on Lauren Goodger's weight loss efforts, and explains that trying to lose weight quickly, like she has done in 2012, is not necessarily the best approach.

He explains that losing weight slowly through a normal diet and plenty of exercise, and maybe supplementing this with a good quality diet supplement, is a much more realistic and sustainable weight loss method in the long run.

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