The Whiteboard Shop Offers Free Delivery on All Whiteboard Products

The whiteboard Shop have does not understand why retailers charge for delivery


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- The Whiteboard shop that has become one of the main suppliers of quality whiteboards is refusing to charge customers a delivery charge. The online whiteboard retailer is offering all customers free delivery on their products after a spokesman said they cannot understand why online stores charge customers for delivery.

The online whiteboard retailer ( who sell their whiteboards to consumers, businesses, schools and hospitals have said the consumer is not charged for delivery when they go to the high street, and they should not be charged online.

A spokesman for The Whiteboard Shop said: “We want our customers to get value for money, we have never understood why companies charge for delivery, and that is why we offer free delivery on all of our whiteboards.”

In recent years, whiteboards are no longer just being used in schools and colleges; they are now being used in the business sector as well as in the home environment. More and more business people now see how beneficial a whiteboard is within the office environment from the boardroom to the sales room, but it is not just the business world that has made them their number one purchase. Parents are now using whiteboards at home to help bring on their children’s education.

Thanks to The Whiteboard Shop (, whiteboards have now become more affordable and with their free delivery they have now become even cheaper allowing business people and parents to be able to afford a top quality whiteboard.

With so many different whiteboards to choose from, from mobile whiteboards to wall mounted ones, there is a huge choice for everyone to find what they are looking for.

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