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The Whiteboard Store Has Become Consumers First Choice for Low Priced Whiteboards and Noticeboards


North Yorkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- An online retailer that sells whiteboards has become the consumer’s first choice for quality whiteboards and noticeboards. With The Whiteboard Store low prices and their free delivery on all products policy, they have seen their customer basis vastly increase, making them one of the biggest online retailers of whiteboards.

The Whiteboard Store , who keep their prices low by passing on all the saving to the customer, have seen a huge increase in orders over the past month thanks to positive media and customer reviews.

The online store, which sell all types of whiteboards, and noticeboards, which include, Mobile Whiteboards, Magnetic Whiteboards , and External Noticeboards, sell their products to consumers, businesses and organizations, which are looking for quality products that come with a guarantee.

A spokesman for the Whiteboard Store said: “People think whiteboards are just for business use or to be used in schools, however this is not the case. We have lots of people buy whiteboards to use at home, including parents who want to educate their children.”

With students returning to university, and new students attending university, the Whiteboard Store have been busy sending out whiteboards that have been bought by students to their chosen university. Whiteboards have become a very important tool for students.

Whiteboards have become an important tool for parents who wish to give their children more education at home. With the low cost price of whiteboards, parents have been buying them to educate their children in a fun way without it seeming like they are learning.

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The Whiteboard Store is an online supplier of quality whiteboards and noticeboards which all come with free delivery.

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