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The 'Why Am I Always Tired' Question Finally Answered by WatchFit


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- With a whooping number of over 1 million Americans, suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s no surprise that the question ‘Why am always tired’ pops up constantly during regular GP check-ups, in health forums, and alternative healing web sites. M.E. Chronic Fatigue and Watchfit Expert Elaine Wilkins finally gets to the root of the issue.

The first surprising cause that may be blamed for a GP labeling you as a ‘TATT’ (tired all the time) are spikes in blood sugar levels. A lot of people are doing this to their body unintentionally due to the conflicting healthy eating advice that is being scattered all over the internet. This, combined with misinformation on foods that contain hidden sugar, i.e. soups, breads, and ready-made meals is contributing to a decreased energy production of our system, caused by the sharp rise and fall of blood sugar levels.

Adrenal stress is yet another term that the average citizen may have not heard about, but is often critical to the never-ending fatigue they are suffering from, points M.E. Elaine Wilkins. Adrenal stress is observed in individuals, who don’t seem to be able to ‘slow down’, sacrificing sleep hours in the pursuit of their next goal. A painful dose of perfectionism, combined with the determination to push themselves to the limit is activating the so-called ‘fight or flight’ response, which was originally intended to only kick in occasionally. When the button has been pushed too many times, however, individuals develop adrenal exhaustion which can lead to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome.

An undiagnosed underactive thyroid is the next cause for constant tiredness the Watchfit expert points our attention to. It can stem from the adrenal stress mentioned earlier, or may have occurred as a side effect of glandular fever.

What often happens is that despite all medical checks being performed, the patient keeps experiencing the ‘I am always tired’ syndrome. This is where most people get stuck. The first thing one should do in such a case is review their job and ask: ‘If nothing was stopping me, would I still be doing what I do today?’Subconscious inner disagreement could be causing a large amount of stress that is hard to notice.

Next is a review of all your relationships and people you communicate with. It rarely crosses one’s mind to raise their awareness and explore how they feel around people at work or at home. Whether any of these relationship feels like it’s energy-draining. Or maybe there is a conversation that you have been postponing for a long time. At any rate, it is crucial to stay far from people, who rob your energy.

The final few causes of chronic fatigue M.E. Elaine Wilkins points out are a mismatch between the person and the environment they live in, lack of creativity, lack of exercise, disconnection from nature, and suppressed painful emotions. All things we rarely pay attention to in a busy lifestyle.

The main conclusion that can be drawn from the expert’s advice is that if all medical checks fail us in answering the ‘why am I always tired question’, it is up to us to explore hidden causes of stress, grief, painful emotions, and disagreement with whatever surrounds us (people, buildings, etc.). A final critical point is that a balanced diet should support an active, busy, or stressful lifestyle, providing the essential nutrients for all our organs and internal systems.

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