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The Why and How of Onboarding New Employees Is Thoroughly Explained by the Lindenberger Group


Titusville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2017 -- Onboarding a new employee can either increase productivity or lead to under performance. Companies or businesses can lose their retention with frustrated employees leaving to look for other jobs if the onboarding process is not commenced correctly. That is why The Lindenberger Group, offering human resources in Mercer County, pushes for hirees to create a proper atmosphere for new employees to thrive, feel welcomed, and be intrigued.

Before a new employee starts, it is important to let them know that the company or business is excited to have them. Let them get to know your company, get a feel for the culture, learn about the dress code, and much more. Once they are hired, give them a tour and set up their work space so they feel as though they are an important part of the company or business.

The Lindenberger Group provides training in Mercer County to assist companies and businesses with working together to build a stable and pleasant culture. By accomplishing this, new employees will feel safe, respected, and needed, resulting in a higher retention rate and a well-rounded hard worker. It is imperative to be patient; know that it can take as long as a year or two before an employee is completely productive. A good idea is also to schedule any required training as well as regular meetings between employee and supervisor for feedback, questions, or suggestions.

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