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The Wise Store Specializes in Easy to Use Big Button Mobile Phones


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Mobile Phones have allowed people to make phone calls on the go at their convenience, the handiness of mobile phones make them a must have for people of all ages but standard mobile phones, their features and functionalities are not suitable for everybody. Elderly people, people with limited dexterity, or people with disabilities have no need for finicky features or too many functions that complicate the main function of a mobile phone that is to make calls with ease whenever needed. The Wise Store is the UK's leading online shop featuring basic, big button mobile phones for the elderly.

The mobile phones available on this online shop have been created especially for the people who need the most basic function of the mobile phone, this retailer focuses on easy to use technology for the elderly/senior market and those needing a more simple and easier to use electronic device. The current range includes big button easy to use mobile phones for the older generation, the larger size of the buttons makes it easy for older aged people to see, understand and use the phone. These particular types of mobile phones with larger buttons and basic functionalities will also be suitable for people such as the visually impaired, the hard of hearing, those with limited dexterity and other disabled people.

Each item available on the website has detailed specifications presented with it to help buyers so that they are able to make an informed decision easily, there is a wide variety of big button mobile phones to choose from, suitable for buyers with different price ranges and feature requirements. The Wise Store specialist phone range includes basic mobile phones and basic landline phones as well as a wide range of mobile phone accessories and useful home electronics all suitable for elderly people. The Wise Store friendly teams of customer service representatives are willing to help all customers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time.

The owners of The Wise Store have been involved in the mobile phone market since the beginning of the latest century and have accumulated a wealth of years of experience between them. They understand that the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have completely ignored the needs of the elderly, hard of hearing, those with poor sight, limited dexterity or simply anyone looking for a more functional device. That is why The Wise Store has been established to be the number 1 most reliable and best value retailer of big button mobile phones for the elderly in the UK

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