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The Wolf Tattoo: Intense New Novel Treks Deep Into Alaskan Wilderness; for One Man's Grizzly Quest to Survive

Using his own experiences in Alaska as inspiration, Kenneth Fore puts pen to paper and composes a frightfully raw new novel. Following one man’s impromptu journey into the Yukon border, readers will meet grizzlies, an Eskimo and a string of life-changing challenges.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- While many writers can only rely on their imagination to depict the wilderness, Kenneth Fore can rely on his memories. Stationed in rural Alaska during his military service, his knowledge and familiarity with the area is vast. Fusing his memories with a healthy portion of creative adventure, Fore is delighted to announce his latest upcoming novel.

‘The Wolf Tattoo’ guarantees a page-gripping experience; a vivid journey where the protagonist’s next move is never certain.


A man’s impromptu journey into the Alaskan wilderness is life changing when he tangles with a grizzly and an Eskimo woman who thwarts his attempts to escape. She takes him on an unforgettable journey where they must fight wilderness crazies and mysterious beasts that skulk through the forest like nothing you have ever seen. When they reached her clan’s winter campgrounds it is an unbelievable place isolated in the middle of the arctic wilderness and it is protected by huge wolves called Saluuettes.

Residing there is a strange being that communicates with colors and that is not the worst of it. He learns of closely held secrets and discovers why she safeguards her clan’s identity. He realizes no one escapes after learning the truth about her clan and he must escape or become anything, but ordinary.

As the author explains, his leading man presents a microcosm of determination.

“Clayton Spears, by inference, has suffered emotional scars from war and his determination and will power to survive are unbeatable. He never gives up in spite of all the obstacles before him,” says Fore, who spent five years writing the book in a diligent effort to offer the market something original.

Continuing, “All he wanted to be all his life was an artist. His war wounds destroyed his ability to distinguish colors, especially blues and greens. He never believed in miracles or help. At the end, he believes in miracles and that everyone needs a little help along the way.”

Fore’s novel is tipped to attract a large crowd, due in part to its intense and frightening nature.

“This certainly isn’t a book for the faint hearted. However, those with a hardy shell who enjoy fantasy, paranormal and horror fiction will relish in the opportunity to visit Alaska like never before,” he adds.

Set to resonate with thousands of people around the world, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of the book as soon as possible.

‘The Wolf Tattoo’, published by the author, is due for release in March.

*A follow-up message will be sent to all media parties when a firm release date is set. In the meantime, please contact the author directly with any questions.

About the Author: Kenneth Fore
Kenneth Fore is a graduate of Georgia State University. He has an AA and BBA degree. He has accumulated many business awards and has been chairperson of various committees. He has read many of the classics. Kenneth Fore is an award winner author of a short story Sweetness in the Hunt. Kenneth Fore is a disabled Army veteran and he suffers from harsh Tinnitus.

Kenneth Fore retired early from his successful business to pursue what he always wanted to do and that was to write a story. He had no idea how you went about being a writer-or the kind of writer he wanted to become. Since he was a technical report writer for years he felt writing fiction would be a cake walk. Well … he was misguided.

His first novel was MOSSBACK and the novel was self-published as a tribute to a vanishing civilization that suffered through the depression, and two wars. This story is a character study and not suitable for all readers.

His second novel was another matter. He wanted to write something special and for the story to be in an exotic locale. He isolated himself and became a recluse for five years to write and to study the craft of writing fiction. The effect of his effort the new novel titled THE WOLF TATTOO.