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The Wonderful World of Color Olors: Fourteen Children's Books, Thirteen Characters & One Bold Goal - to Impart Lifelong Positive Values

Masterfully crafted by Nina Carothers, the ‘Color Olors’ series of books uses an eclectic cast of vibrantly colorful characters to help children learn vital life lessons. From Red Ed and Pink Ink through to Orange Range and Blue Lue, endless fun awaits in fourteen books. Carothers is also using her project to help raise proceeds for charitable causes, and is currently searching for twelve nonprofits to benefit from her work.


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Just when kids and parents thought they had seen it all, author Nina Carothers lands on the literary scene with a series of children’s books boasting a cast of characters unlike anything created before. Aptly named the ‘Color Olors’, these thirteen unusual and quirky creatures each have a compelling story to tell.

However, Carothers’ work is not just an attempt to produce whimsical fiction. Each of the series’ fourteen books is steeped in different important life lessons and values. From Red Ed teaching a little a boy that Christmas is about more than Santa Claus through to Silver Ilver’s brave attempts to save a puppy in need – each story brings good character and compassion to life through each of the Color Olors and their unconventional ways.

Series synopsis:

Welcome to The World of Color Olors, a great place to be. Filled with strange and silly characters, as you will see. Pink Ink, Purple Urple, Orange Range and more. Their world is filled with colors, let's explore. There is Black Lack, Red Ed and Blue Lue. Come see Gold Old, White Hite and Gray Ray, too. Brown Rown and Yellow Ellow will make you smile. Green Reen is a healthy one, Silver Ilver has style. 'The Wonderful World of Color Olors' is a series of 14 books by author Nina Carothers and illustrator Chris Padovano.

Children, age 3 through 7, will want to read each story again and again. They will want to tap into the entire Color Olors series, especially after reading this book. Published by All Star Press - Books that Change Lives.

“Each book is told in verse, with many feeling like a tongue twister -- this makes them perfect for young children looking to improve their reading skills. Of course, they’ll also absorb many different life lessons along the way,” says Carothers, who recently started publishing her books after a twenty-year composition hiatus.

Continuing, “However, I am on a wider mission to not only help children, but a multitude of nonprofit organizations. I’ve recently partnered with the Mia Foundation by donating proceeds from ‘Silver Ilver and the Cleft Palate Puppy’. My own puppy was born with a cleft palate and the owner of the organization helped me immeasurably. I included her dog Mia in the storyline and am delighted to now be raising funds for their continued work.”

Carothers is actively searching for twelve other non-profits to partner with one of her books.

“The goal is to match each nonprofit to a book that closely supports the ethos of the work they undertake. The lessons among the series include eating healthy, making wishes, not lying, fostering self-esteem, upholding positive family values and many more. I’m urging any interested organizations, or individuals connected to organizations, to get in touch. This could be a powerful partnership and generate a lot of revenue for good causes,” Carothers adds.

To date, the series has garnered rave reviews. Penny Nie comments, “Everyone, adult and child alike can relate to colors. Colors make us feel things. These little guys are all so unique, just like the colors of the rainbow. The way they story rhymes, as they all meet, and their stories unfold, it's almost like a tongue twister! It's a fun read for kids of all ages. Educational, and creative!”

April was equally as impressed with ‘Pink Ink’s Purpose’, adding, “This is the 3rd in the series and it just keeps getting better! My girls can't get enough. They sit and listen with their eyes wide open! I love the lessons in the books, things that we like/want to teach our children. Illustrations are amazing as well!! Can't get enough!!”

The first eight books in the ‘Color Olors’ series, published by All Star Press, are available now: http://amzn.to/1h9zpw1. More information can also be found on the official website: http://www.colorolors.com.

To stay abreast of the latest information or to contact the author, follow the series on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/color.olors.

About Nina Carothers
Nina Carothers, author of The Color Olors, first thought of the Color Olors back in 1993. Having 4 children of her own she realized there were so many lessons, in a fun way without realizing it, that a child could learn from her books. She decided to set the Color Olors aside in lieu of raising her family. Now, 20 years later she brings the Color Olors to life with the help of her illustrator, Chris Padovano.

Nina currently resides in Tarpon Springs, Florida with her youngest child still at home. She is blessed with 5 grand babies that she calls her lovies. She hopes that you enjoy her stories, told from the heart, for many years to come. With a world of color there is no telling how many books Nina will write.