"The Wonderful World of Ostaro" Aligns with the Stars and Indiegogo.com


Ft. Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- The Wonderful World of Ostaro is a reality/talk show that is absolutely one of a kind that ION TV has signed on to carry. With a plethora of shows on TV about ghosts, mediums, and psychics, there appears to be no end to our fascination with the unknown. The Wonderful World of Ostaro is not a show about mediums, psychics, or ghosts. It is an entertaining hybrid between Ostaro's astrological abilities, celebrity insights that will knock ones socks off, and his day-to-day life. Who wouldn't want to watch that?

Ostaro delights audiences with insightful celebrity readings and discusses key points on how to enrich one’s life. The show is built to be light-hearted, funny, and touch on current event topics while demonstrating Ostaro’s amazing astrological abilities.

“The Wonderful World of Ostaro will launch an indigogo campaign on September 12 to finish production and secure distribution for 12 uproarious episodes of the groundbreaking new show that will give one an entirely new perspective on life. Follow zodiac and contribute according to what the cosmic wallet sees fit to receive exciting incentives to support the indiegogo campaign, including : the pilot DVD, A bound, signed pilot script of The Wonderful World of Ostaro, a signed copy of his book Art & Craft of Success, or even a live reading over the phone from Ostaro! For the star lovers who want to be more in line with the universe they can opt to get up close and personal with Ostaro. The ultimate indigogo supporter can contribute to spend an entire day with Melissa, Ostaro’s co-host! The day will be packed with a fun-filled day at the beach, all meals, and end the busy day with a luxurious stay at the Ritz Carlton in Naples. (Travel costs within the U.S. included.) "The Wonderful World of Ostaro" wants to help connect people with the stars, on television and in the sky.


Practicing a Chaldean system of astrology, a very ancient system which takes into account planetary indications in conjunction with numerological implications. Television Host/Actor/Filmmaker and author, he is an accomplished astrological consultant with a proven track record for more than three decades. His philosophy is Eastern while his approach to problem solving is Western.

The two factors contribute largely to the depth of his knowledge and insight into human nature as he helps his clients overcome their obstacles and thus become more successful in achieving their goals. He is known for the accurate predictions of his clients’ future and those of global events.

“The Wonderful World of Ostaro” is a show that one can learn the secrets behind the celebrities and get tips from the universe on everything from love life, to important business decisions from one of the premier astrologers of today with over 30 years of experience in the mystical arts.

The indiegogo campaign is the first step in making this reality show a reality and will pull out all the stops along the way to deliver the positive message of Ostaro through infotainment. Ostaro will host several special fan appreciation readings during the indiegogo campaign so people can get a taste of what’s to come on the show.

About Ostaro
Just who is Ostaro anyway, one might ask? Ostaro is the premier astrologer of our time with a proven track record for over four decades. He is known for the accurate predictions of his clients' futures and global events. His celebrity has landed him on Late Night with David Letterman, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and cameos in several commercials and movies

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