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The World Egg Bank Makes the Dream of Conceiving a Reality


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2017 -- The oldest and the largest egg bank of the world – The World Egg Bank has made the dream of conceiving a reality for thousands of women of the world. According to The World Egg Bank, it currently has over 450 egg donors available for Custom Choice™ cycles and over 2000 frozen eggs already banked. The World Egg Bank holds a comprehensive experience as they have been recruiting and screening egg donors nationwide since 1996, banking cryopreserved oocytes since 2004, and shipping worldwide since 2007. And by now they have successfully have distributed over 3,000 cryopreserved oocytes nationally and internationally since 2006.

"We understand the pain of a woman when she comes to know that it is not possible for her to conceive. This is the reason why we have developed this society, where healthy women donate their eggs to women who are not able to conceive. Our society has helped thousands of women in conceiving and making their dream of becoming a mother a reality. We must say that we love to see the smile and the joy on the couples' faces when they receive their egg. And the pleasure of the moment when the recipients get pregnant finally is also amazing. But the joy of the recipients finally giving birth to healthy babies is just immeasurable. This is the reason we love what we do because we share smiles and everlasting happiness; and the biggest credit of making all this happen, goes to our dear egg donors, who go through the process of donation and help other women conceive", stated the spokesperson of The World Egg Bank.

The best thing is that The World Egg Bank has made egg donation in Phoenix an amazing experience for the donors, though the donors have to go through several health & social background examinations, but egg donors at The World Egg Back are highly valued and are treated with a lot of love, care and respect. The egg donors can expect a warm and inviting spa-like environment at The World Egg Bank, supported by a staff of highly trained fertility professionals.

"The World Egg Bank offers you more than just eggs – we pride ourselves on our relationships with our Recipients, Donors, and each Clinic with which we work. Our staff utilizes sophisticated software to facilitate the process of selecting an egg donor in Phoenix, ordering eggs, securing financial arrangements, coordinating training, and finalizing the shipping", as stated on The World Egg Bank's website. So, the recipient can be worry-free about the process of egg donation and delivery.

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About The World Egg Bank
The World Egg Bank was founded by leading doctors in the field of egg cryopreservation and continues to advance donor egg technology; and currently it is the oldest and the largest egg bank of the world.

Media Contact:
William L. Ward,, Atlanta, GA