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The World of Investments Inviting Pre-Registrations from Intending Individuals and Companies for Its First Edition of the Exhibition

The World Of Investments is an investment discovery gateway that organizes premium investment exhibitions and events. It is inviting interested individuals and organizations to pre-register for its upcoming Inaugural Exhibition Edition.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2016 -- The World Of Investments serves as a unique platform that is of great help for individuals and businesses across the globe sharing a passion for investment. An investment discovery gateway and a partnership firm, The World Of Investments is actually a team of passionate individuals dealing in real estate. Founded in 1990 by Ghambir & Associates, it has become a prominent host of premium exhibitions and events related to investments. The firm amalgamates its experience and expertise, which makes The World Of Investments capable of attracting elusive buyers and connecting them to sellers that offer meaningful and lucrative investment experiences.

While giving a brief insight into the aim and objectives of The World Of Investments, one of its executives commented, "We aim to make individuals and organizations realize realistic investment opportunities. As we are a firm that came into being owing to the pure passion for investment, we do not entertain scale or fleeting ideas of investment. Rather, we focus on the authenticity of an offering, for which we work hard. We endlessly discover; research and analyze investment market, and also keep close tabs on the innovations in the investment market. It is our passion and a terrific experience of two and half decades that enables us to create valuable, meaningful and long-lasting connections into targeted business opportunities."

The World Of Investments, through its exhibitions and events, brings investment enthusiasts and exhibitors close so that they could interact, do business and generate interest. It is inviting individuals, companies and organizations from all parts of the globe to pre-register for its upcoming first edition of the exhibition in New Delhi. Exhibition will enable interested parties to promote their services and reach out to sought-after markets. The firm, on purpose, clubs together various investment options in a particular exhibition, just like its upcoming exhibition will feature four investment segments – finance, luxury, alternative and real estate.

The executive further stated, "The purpose behind clubbing together various investment options is to enable individuals, companies and organizations having diverse investment aspirations participate in our exhibition. For instance, the financial investment segment will entertain stock/commodity brokers, asset management services companies, health insurance institutions and companies, finance and tax consultants and advisers and more. The luxury investment segment will cater to the dealers and retailers in gold, gold jewelry, silverware, silver jewelry, platinum and diamond jewelry as well as dealers and retailers of precious stones. The alternative investment segment will satiate dealers in vintage cars, coins, stamps, art, vintage wine, vintage timepieces and much more. Likewise, the real estate segment will interest architectural companies, institutions and companies providing housing loans, property brokers and consultants, property builders and developers and more."

Therefore, those interested and on a lookout for an ideal investment exhibition in India can rely on the upcoming first edition of exhibition by The World Of Investments. Those who wish to register for finance exhibition can do it with utmost ease by accessing its website.

About The World Of Investments
The World Of Investments is an investment discovery gateway established by Ghambir & Associates. The platform allows individuals and businesses to access a broader selection of investment and connect directly with key-industry investors and buyers. It is indeed world's most exclusive Investment Expo and is all set to present an impressive luxury expo in Delhi and property expo in Delhi in its inaugural edition in 2016.