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Elmont, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- There are many animals that are loved and used for many purposes. There are camels that are still used in deserts and loved at the same time by their owners. Then you have other animals as well. Among all those animals that are used for different purposes and being loved at the same time is the horse. Horses are probably the most loved animal around the globe . One of the horses greatest qualities is they remain loyal to their master. Horses have been the topic of many movies and documentaries , and since the animal is friendly, it has been the topic of interest for all ages as well. Horses are used for many purposes. The horses are used to plow your fields, deliver your mail once upon a time , power your carriages, to jump, and cover distances, to race or just carry you through a beautiful park or country side. The list goes on and on.

So if you own a horse , and use it in any profession, you will definitely need to get some good quality horse clothing and accessories. Tack Room Products was established in 1980 and is owned by professional horsemen and horsewomen. They have owned many types of horses and they understand the requirements of people who like to ride horses. Tack Room Products has been serving the professional horse riders , trainers, horse owners , and the finest Thoroughbreds with all the important essentials for over 32 years now. From nutritional supplements , leather saddles , bridles, medicines , horse wear, horse blankets and barn supplies, you can rely on Tack Room Products for the best quality available any where . They specialize in quality, affordable horse supplies. They do not stock cheap , inexpensive horse items that many mail catalogs cater to that attract your dollar. Tack Room Products is known for customizing the accessories so that the customers will have exactly what they need for their horses. Tack Room has a complete line of products, like some of them mentioned above, that will cover your every day needs. Tack Room Products has it's own brand, Grade 1, and can be seen being used in different races across the globe and are fulfilling the needs of the world’s leading horse riders and trainers. Trainers of Grade 1 horses that use Grade 1 products with great success are Barkley Tagg, (Jersey Town) Mike Hushion, (The Lumber Guy) Claude R McGaughey 3rd, (Point of Entry), Tom Bush, (Get Stormy), James Jerkens, John Kimmel, Ian Wilkes (Fort Larned), James Baker, David Jacobson, Dough O'Neill and Kieran P. McLaughlin, Bill Mott and many more.

Ian Wilkes, the trainer of the 2012 $ 5,000,000 Breeders Cup Classic , Fort Larned, has been using our new Grade 1 Elastic bandage since early August. His endorsed article is in our

The company has established the Grade 1 products brand for horses over 25 years ago. Only the finest, time tested items are used in the Grade 1 product line. In short, Tack Room Products has everything that a horse and his trainer or rider needs while training or riding. The Grade 1 product that every one is raving about is the Grade 1 elastic bandages. The bandage gives more support then any competing product, and can be used again and again. It is completely washable. Grade 1 Nylon Head Stalls with stainless steal buckles has great quality for a most reasonable price. The head stalls are safe , machine washable and have past the test of time with leading trainers. The Grade 1 Night sheet Blanket is water resistant, and covers the shoulders with a silk like fabric. It is the most durable , long lasting, and comfortable blanket for your animal that you could possibly purchase. They are adding a Grade 1 water proof turn out blanket and sheet to the Grade 1 brand. The quality is grade 1, and the price is right. They will be adding the complete description in our blog in the coming weeks. Tack Room Products has been making the Grade 1 soft seat saddle for years. They have been fitting the correct size of Grade 1 saddles for all kinds of horses. I can build the saddle to your specifications. Tack Room Products has an extensive repair shop that is quite capable of fixing anything with in reason , and they look forward and ready to serve you.

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Started in March 1980, tack room is run by professional horsemen and women. They have a vast knowledge and expertise in all phases of horses. Their Grade 1 line of products are sold worldwide to horse owners and trainers. Interested customers can check out their horse clothing for sale by visiting

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