The World's First Brand of Unique Fashion T Shirts, Where Every Tee Has a Different Design


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2013 -- Libberati™, a Hong Kong based t shirt startup has recently launched an online store for fashion tees, where each t shirt has a different design. Combining the concept of an art gallery with a t shirt store, Libberati gives an opportunity to every fashion conscious consumer to exclusively own a t shirt design. In other words, when you buy a t shirt design, you are the only person on this planet to wear and own that particular design.

Gone are the days when you used to see a popular artist wearing something special which you couldn't buy because it was custom made for him/her. Now YOU have the chance to wear something special and unique and become the envy of others'. Because each of our designs are printed on a single t shirt, no one else has even the slightest chance of copying you.

The t shirts apart from being unique are of the highest quality because they are printed on American Apparel t shirts. American Apparel has the legacy of producing the best quality blank tees made in the USA. With the design team in Hong Kong and t shirt production in the US, you get American quality at Chinese prices.

The term 'Libberati' is a combination of the words 'liberation' and 'glitterati'. ‘Liberation‘from mass produced t shirts to hand crafted unique t shirts. ‘Glitterati’ because their tees are for the fashionable and hip. Libberati is for people who want to stand out from the crowd and be different. If you want to be different, wear different.

Here's how it works. You simply visit the store. Select and buy a particular designer t shirt. Once you buy the t shirt, we immediately remove that particular t shirt from the store and replace another design so no one else can see/buy the particular design you bought. The mission is to create 1 million designs for 1 million t shirts.

With Libberati, they also introduce the concept of faster fashion and aim to create an online storefront which changes 24/7. Other features of the store include the ability to pay by credit card or paypal and free shipping worldwide.

The main USP being unique tees, Libberati is also about trends and lifestyle and also posts infographics, blogs and articles to keep you informed and become knowledgeable on various topics, be it t shirt fashion, coffee, photography, trending movies or anything else. They post stuff which you will enjoy reading.

You have often heard of limited edition tees, special edition tees and many other kinds of editions. But at Libberati, every tee is the only edition. And because they have just launched, you get 20% OFF on all tees.

Libberati is a Hong Kong based t shirt brand that takes fast fashion to a new level of faster fashion by combining the concept of an art gallery with graphic t shirts. By creating each t shirt with a unique design, Libberati gives you a unique piece of wearable art.

Media Contact
Partha Chakraborty
Hong Kong