The World's First Smart and Wearable Power Cell -Atom- Soon on Kickstarter

Have you ever run out of battery on your numerous smart gadgets at a crucial moment with no recharge place in sight? Or forgot your phone on the restaurant table? Or having to dig out your phone for looking at a notification while you’re in a meeting or juggling between a coffee cup and heavy shopping bags? What about not being able to find your phone as your friend rings the doorbell for a night out?


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- WATT? has created something never seen before. The world’s first smart and wearable power cell – ATOM- a unique piece of wearable technology allowing users to not only recharge their devices anywhere, anytime but also enabling them to interact with them on the move.

ATOM, offering the first of its kind features in the field of wearable technology, is all set to be launched on Kickstarter within a few weeks.

This stylish product, which makes a fashion accessory in itself, comes power packed with features unheard of before in the field. When it comes to acting as a power house for the iPhone and Android smartphones or even tablets, cameras or other USB devices, ATOM is a lifesaver. All a user need to do is charge it fully, which takes about 2 hours, and it will give 2100 mAH power.

But this device stands apart not just because of its incomparable convenience for recharging gadgets. For one, via an app for IOS and Android, ATOM connects to the smartphone and gives the user information about any incoming calls, text messages and social media notifications even as the phone itself remains tucked in the pocket or a bag.

In one of its most awaited features, ATOM will immediately raise an alarm if the user accidentally leaves the phone behind anywhere. That means, no complaints again about losing the phone, ever! Also, if ATOM is left behind then the phone will send out an alert.

And incredibly, in case people cannot find their phone right when they have to rush out the door, just push a button on this new invention and it will trigger an alarm on the phone making the search easy.

For controlling music, it can be set up with the phone enabling change of volume by tilting left or right and even pause or skip tracks by the flick of a wrist.

Also, anyone using ATOM will never run out of battery charge either on the bracelet or the electronic devices, simply because it gives an advance warning about the same.

Available in five different colours, this device of the future weighs just 85 grams and comes with zero gravity foam cushions allowing it to fit any wrist and give the most comfortable experience. Made of shock resistant Grade A High Polycarbonate, ATOM and can also be used to track daily activities.

The concept of ATOM was created by self-confessed French Geek and mad inventor Fred Oziel.

“Smartphones are the most useful devices of the century but they still come with major flaws. How many times do we hear? I’m out of battery, where is my phone? I forgot my phone, I can’t find it, I missed a call, well i wanted it to change” says Fred Oziel“. “I wanted to include the solutions of all these flaws in a unique device. ATOM is as extraordinary as what I imagined.”

The O-Dynamics team is a team of engineers and designers dedicated to innovate the world of technology by bringing solutions to everyday life. After several years of developing products and manufacturing for different companies, they decided to create their own brand. A year ago, they officially launched WATT? at CES Las Vegas.

The O-Dynamics team philosophy is to offer a new approach to technology through products that are unique, fashionable, entertaining and easy to use.

Such is the potential of this product that Kickstarter renowned for providing a platform to creative life-changing ideas will play the host to ATOM as it soon begins its journey of changing lives of millions of electronic gadget users across the world.

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