The World's Largest One-Man Plein Air Art Show Seeks Crowdfunding

Every backer to this crowdfunding project beomes an art patron and a part of history.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- Plein air is a French expression translates to “in the open air" and is used to describe the activity of painting outdoors. In January 2009, Ted Garcia challenged himself to paint plein air every single day. For five solid years he continued his daily commitment as he pressed on, with incredible fortitude, - in the face of blizzards, heat waves, sickness, deaths, births, impalement, wild animals, getting lost then finding his way not to mention an earthquake. Dauntless, Mr. Garcia soldiered on.

The visual diary of this astonishing journey needs to be seen. - It -serves to inspire the people who dream and show if one is willing to do what it takes, any dream can come true. Crowdfunding backers can help Ted share his journey with the world so all can see what can be achieved with a dream, discipline and perseverance.

Ted’s story needs to be shared, with spectacular art that needs to seen.

Crowdfunding is sought for the Plein Air 365 x 5 Art Show set to run November 10th through December 31st at the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center.

Selected for its prime location, anywhere between 4,000 to 16,000 people will visit the venue every day putting Ted Garcia’s incredible achievement and breathtaking art in front of a very large audience. Visitors to the art show can peruse every single piece of art Ted created.

And the paintings are priced for collecting and gift giving.

Crowdfunding is sought to pay for the high retail rent (nearly $12,000), advertising and marketing, logistical considerations such as securing all of the necessary licenses and insurance as well as putting on the artist’s reception to celebrate the show. Backers of this crowdfunding project need not live anywhere near Colorado to enjoy Ted’s art. All of the crowdfunding perks consist of Ted Garcia’s art in many forms (paper, canvass, etc.), at every price point and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Art collectors anywhere are in for a treat when they become an art patron, help make history happen and -and add a Ted Garcia print or painting to their collection.

This crowdfunding campaign will close on November 12, 2014.

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About Ted Garcia
Ted Garcia has been a successful Evergreen, Colorado plein air artist for over 12 years and has sold many paintings to collectors. Holding to a true plein air painting philosophy, all of Ted’s plein air paintings are painted on location and are completed in one setting, as he works to capture each scene before changes in the light and atmosphere occur.