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The World's Market for the DDoS Protection Will Significantly Increase in the Near Future


Wanchai, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- A new study from the website which is the best online server for DdoS Protection has given people the new finding that the market for the DDoS Protection would be expected to grow by 18.2 percent which the market benefit would reach to 870 million dollar around the world.

The market intelligence firm which name is IDC has recently released a report about this kind of situation during the last week. The name of this report is the prediction for Global Attack Defense Products & Services from 2013 to 2017.

The report has already predicted that the most common type of attack is still the flow ┬ĘCtype Dos. According to the DdoS Protection interviewing with IDC's research manager which name is John Grady for security products solution, the attacker is willing to regard the " flow-type attack" as the common attacking strategy to achieve the occupation for bandwidth which could lead to the attacking to IT infrastructure.

The Flow -type attack such as DDoS should be the most commonly attacking method during the past decade. Over the past weeks, people could find a large number of attacks which are based on the principle of flow-type attacking.

At last week, the CyberBunker which is one of virtual hosts which have been located at Netherlands was accused of launching the DDoS attacks against Spamhaus. This kind of event has been listed into the blacklist as one of the non-profit anti-spam organization. This event had eventually grown into the largest attacking of this area. From this event, people should know that the service of the professional Anti DDoS provider such as clearddos should be necessary.

In addition to the traffic attacks, the attacker should also apply the traditional methods to attack the website. The engineer from clearddos has already said that the application of the bandwidth with the less consuming or the using of encrypted traffic would become increasingly common.

The engineer from clearddos has also said that the event between Spamhaus and CyberBunker would also allow people to DDoS Mitigation be awareness of the concept that anyone can be relatively easy to launch a DDoS attack. So, the need for the professional server of the DDoS Protection should be much more necessary.

The increasing of the hacking technology has already increasing the volume and complexity of the DDoS attacks. In that kind of situation, the professional online supplier for the DDoS Protection would totally become more and more necessary. That is why the market for the DDoS protecting would have such great development. If people want to enjoy the related service, they could quick browse the website

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