The World's Only Patented Non-flammable Emergency Solution to Debut in New York Metro Area

Revolutionary Product, EXTRA FUEL, Takes the Fear Out of Running Out of Gas Forever


Chest, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- EXTRA FUEL®, the world’s first and only patented Non-Flammable gasoline derivative, the product is specifically designed and formulated for emergency use in a vehicle that accidentally runs out of conventional gasoline. “You wouldn't have a car without a spare tire and you shouldn't have a car without EXTRA FUEL®, your emergency fuel solution”

EXTRA FUEL® is legal and safe to store in the trunk of any vehicle and meets regulations for all 50 states. EXTRA FUEL® is a (eliminate green) biodegradable product made of organic and synthetic compounds. As a premium octane unleaded fuel derivative, EXTRA FUEL® won’t harm fuel injectors, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. EXTRA FUEL® is 100% biodegradable and safe and legal to keep in your vehicle at all times.

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EXTRA FUEL® can also be used on gas powered motorcycles, boats, and other recreational vehicles. With an octane level of 91+, EXTRA FUEL® gets the same miles per gallon as regular gasoline.

The introductory retail price of one (1) U.S. half-gallon container of EXTRA FUEL® is $24.95. This will provide essentially the same miles-per-gallon that an automobile achieves with gasoline. This means the average automobile could travel a distance of eight (8) to 18 miles per half-gallon, depending on the vehicle, the weather and the terrain.

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Extra fuel LLC’s main business is to manufacture and supply the World’s first and only safe biodegradable emergency fuel, EXTRA FUEL®. This product provides the best answer to the second largest cause of roadside breakdowns while eliminating the unsafe feelings that many individuals experience when they run out of fuel in their gasoline operated vehicles. EXTRA FUEL® should eliminate the FEAR and DANGER from being stranded without a quick emergency backup plan. EXTRA FUEL® is the only safe answer to “Running out of Gas” in any gasoline powered vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or internal combustion engine and is protected by five (5) US Patents.

EXTRA FUEL® was developed by a retired executive whose career was with both Shell Oil Chemical Corporation and Amoco Chemical Corporation. He has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Missouri University and a MBA degree from Harvard University. Our partner has been issued more then 16 patents in the petrochemical field. The EXTRA FUEL® product was developed to be used by several government departments and to be used in the consumer retail field as well as in the commercial industry.

Extra fuel, LLC main office and warehouse is located in Chestnut, NY The business will include customers in the consumer, commercial, and private label categories.