'The Worthy Collection' Collaborates with Charity Organization 'Hands for Africa' for Fundraising Campaign

The Worthy Collection - a New York based company- has joined hands with the charity organization, Hands for Africa, to provide relief to African communities that were devastated by civil wars and the blood diamond industry.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- ‘The Worthy Collection’ and ‘Hands for Africa’ have come together to restore lost hope to innocent victims of civil wars in African countries. This is an apparel fundraiser by ‘The Worthy Collection’ where the dollar amount of “T Shirts for a Cause” purchased would be donated to the charity.

Many African countries were affected by gruesome civil wars, fought by rebel forces intending to gain control of the diamond mines. In 1991, Sierra Leone broke out into a bloody civil war that left hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians dead, women and girls rapes, and entire communities maimed.

Hands for Africa seeks to provide help for these innocent victims by involving people of different nations to volunteer their time and provide financial support to the development, implementation, and advancement of self-reliance programs. They believe in focusing their efforts to one country at a time to ensure that the victims affected and displaced by the conflict wars are able to become self-reliant and move on from their country’s tragic history.

When contacted, a spokesperson from ‘The Worthy Collection’ said, “Through this campaign, we are supporting this cause with ‘Hands for Africa” to provide the innocent victims with the tools that will enable them to become more self-reliant such as food, water, clothing, and shelter.” He further added, “Our aim is to make a movement all through the world with the help of our charity-influenced apparel. Our collection is prepared with a business model that supports charity.”

‘The Worthy Collection’ offers great style, boutique design and graphic delivery on their cloths. In addition to being fashionable, people are able to give back to the society. The company partners with twelve different charity organizations each year and launches a unique campaign to raise funds for causes.

About ‘The Worthy Collection’
The Worthy Collection is a charity-influenced apparel brand focused on creating positive change throughout the world by coming together with non-profit organizations and charities by supporting them through their passion for fashion. For more information, please visit http://worthycollection.org/.

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