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The Write Stuff: Taking the Groan out of Grammar


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2015 -- Finally, someone has taken our beloved, if at times confounding, language by the scruff of the neck and come up with a series of excellent sourcebooks to put students on the right path.

In the Fun Phonics series and Comprehensive English Literacy Workbook Series, Little Geniuses Publishing lays out the basic – and not so basic – principles of language in an engaging and easy to digest format.

Its comprehensive A–Z Fun Phonics Series, designed for children/students just starting their educational journey, features endearing characters and vivid illustrations to stimulate and teach children phonics and a moral lesson in each book. Using personified animals as the main characters, each book focuses on teaching kids the phonic sounds from A to Z and concentrates on a particular lesson so the child learns along with the character.

The Comprehensive English Literacy Workbook Series is an all-in-one workbook aimed at older students looking to hone their skills or fill in any grammatical gaps. The layout is designed to assist students to learn and understand important concepts by providing examples and definitions of the different functions of language. Each comes with a comprehensive set of answers and sample A-range responses and mini quizzes at the end of each section to help students prepare for state wide exams and national entrance exams (Naplan, ICAS, Scholarship, OC and Selective Testing).

About Little Geniuses
Little Geniuses, a collaboration of 40 tutors and professional educators, was established to afford all students the opportunity to have books that are accessible and fun and to nurture their interest in reading at a young age.

Its tutors were perfectly placed to spot shortcomings in schools' English curriculums and see where students fell through these cracks, as well as tailoring educational plans to suit students who are at or above average standard. The resulting workbooks fill in these gaps as well as give students an edge in the increasingly competitive race for scholarships entry into Elite Private and Selective Schools.

The team at Little Geniuses believe that "no one is born a genius".

According to the team, whose professional educators have more than 10 years one-on-one teaching experience, "the most diligent, talented and organised students are nurtured with these skills at a young age." This requires a careful process of planning ahead, to cater for children with all levels of natural ability.

"We believe that the Fun Phonics Series gives your child a head start in life, to develop their interest in learning and to prepare them for language".

Parents and teachers will find Fun Phonics and the Comprehensive English Literacy Workbook Series extremely useful tools in preparing children for school and assisting older students in their core English curriculum studies.

Little Geniuses tutors share a passion for teaching and their labour of love has resulted in these excellent source books that cover all the literacy bases – grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and writing – a resource that will be invaluable to students of all levels.

The book is available through, Ingram wholesale distribution and Dymocks Burwood.


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