The X Realm

The X Realm Offers Team Building Exercises for Corporations and Businesses

The X Realm is a great location to host team building exercises for employees and provide real life simulated escape game experiences to test their abilities.


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- Specializing in room escape games and sleuthing games, The X Realm is pleased to announce that its services have been designed to encourage and enhance team building exercises for corporate and business clients.

Team building is an essential part of developing strong working relationships between co-workers. Employees need to build trust to rely upon each other in order to ensure tasks, assignments, and projects are completed on time. In addition, team building helps develop deeper interpersonal relationships that can extend outside of the work environment.

One issue for corporations and businesses is getting their employees to work in harmony and together. Frequently, employees just want to focus on their specific tasks and can be reluctant to let other co-workers help or lend assistance for fear the work will not be completed correctly. Team building can help employees overcome these types of attitudes and create a more harmonious work environment, which will also lead to increased productivity.

The X Realm offers an immersive experience for team building. Employees are placed into a real life game which requires them to use deductive reasoning and problem solving skills to help figure out how to progress and move forward within the challenge. There can be a single room or a series of rooms to progress through depending upon the simulation selected.

Participants are encouraged to interact with the environment and surroundings to help gather clues and solve actual hands-on puzzles, riddles, and other mechanical devices to advance to unlock the next level of the escape game. Each escape game lasts for approximately one hour, so it is possible to have multiple team building groups complete exercises on the same day.

The X Realm is one of the only Edmonton escape game providers in the area that offers a unique and original experience. Their gaming experiences have been used by corporations and businesses of all sizes. In addition, they have hosted private functions, birthday parties, and gaming experiences for the general public.

For additional information about The X Realm and the company's various gaming services and simulations, please feel free to visit their official website at or contact a representative by phone at (587) 521-5879.

About The X Realm
The X Realm was founded on the concept to provide fun and entertaining experiences for people and children of all ages. Using this ideal, the company developed its own unique escape game environments requiring participants to interact with the environment and use old fashioned sleuthing and deductive reasoning skills. They provide high-end gaming experiences serving Edmonton tourists, residents, business executives, and corporate clients, alike. In addition, The X Realm does not allow smartphones into the game environments to provide a truly distraction free experience.