The YouTube Money Video Introducing 2012's Most Profitable Work-at-Home Network Goes Viral


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- There are several videos on YouTube that show people how to make money. There is only one work-from-home video however, that is associated with the official ‘YouTube Money Video’ introducing 2012’s most lucrative work from home business opportunity. Website is the shortcut to this YouTube video, which boasts of several that have made an above average yearly income in just a matter of days. Garnishing over 135,000 views in less than 24 hours, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular viral videos on YouTube ever.

There can be several reasons why a video goes viral. One reason is because the video is engaging and something within it grabs your attention. A second reason may be because the video enlightens the viewer to news that they were not previously aware of, but are certainly interested in. Other reasons are because the video resonates with its audience, as well as excites the viewer to want to take action. This ‘YouTube Money Video’ includes all these elements and more, with over 135,000 viewers agreeing.

Becoming one of the most popular videos in the shortest amount of time, the ‘YouTube Money Video’ has become a viral success for YouTube in just a few short hours. Introducing 2012’s most profitable work-from-home network is just one reason why so many are so interested in its message. Unlike some videos that use action or humor to relay their message, this video uses subtle candor, making it even more compelling. The very brief 1 minute and 23 second video shows vibrant pictures that holds the viewer’s attention, notes impressive income amounts to engage its audience, and plays upbeat music that reflects the partnering website’s positive outcome. If the video’s message is true that their partnering site has ‘set records for creating the most profitable business owners in the world in the shortest amount of time’, then it is no wonder why it is such a huge YouTube sensation.

Some of the impressive claims includes a ‘high school drop-out made $182,382 in 90 days’; ‘Jeff made $41,317.00 in 3 months with this simple system’; and a couple that ‘went from bankrupt to pocketing over $57,425.00 in 90 days using the same system you’re about to discover’. The video does not reveal how these individuals make money and accomplished this, but does provide a URL at the end for viewers to visit another site to find out more about the system. A shortcut to finding the video can be found at

The support of this official ‘YouTube Money Video’ comes from several demographics. Most viewers are intrigued with the video’s message of making large incomes online and naturally want to find out more. Younger viewers help make the video go viral by reposting and sharing it on other social networks, which adds to its rapid circulation across the Internet. For the rest of us who are simply curious about what this ‘system’ is, we just want to find out which URL is being promoted and what that website has to offer.

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The OFFICIAL YouTube Money Video is a viral video that is grabbing the attention of wannabe work-at-home business owners, social network members, and other video viewers everywhere. To check out this video or share it with others, visit YouTube ‘The Official Youtube Money Video’ or URL shortcut

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