The YPI E.D.G.E. Program Empowers Organizations to Assess New Candidates and Existing Staff for Optimized Job Placement


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- The YPI E.D.G.E. Program is a cost effective way to assess new candidates and existing staff for optimized job placement. The program empowers Management and Human Resource professionals by enabling them to reduce costs while identifying the right new employees to fill specific key positions.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars searching and interviewing potential employees. Studies have shown that companies can spend of to 50% of the new hires first year salary training the individual. This is very expensive, and the right result is not always achieved. Now thanks to The YPI E.D.G.E. Program, finding key members of staff no longer has to be expensive or a risk.

Human Resource professionals will have the right tools and knowledge through the assessment tools to reduce the costs and identify the correct candidate to fill open positions. No longer will Human Resources personnel have to take a chance on hoping the person is right for the job.

In many organizations, there are good people who could be more beneficial to the company if they were in a job that could use all of their strengths. However, organizations are losing billions of dollars each year by having people in the wrong roles. The YPI E.D.G.E. Program Assessments will inform Human Resource professionals how to determine how to optimize staffing positions based on the characteristics of the employees filling those positions, resulting in a more effective and efficient workforce.

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