The Zombie Map Kickstarter Infection Is Spreading

There are more of them outside than we thought...


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- The reports continue to come in of a spreading infection known as Zombie Map, which started in Tempe, Arizona and spread quickly across the country and now the world. The Zombie Map Kickstarter has uncovered something terrifying – zombies are more than a pop culture fad, they are a nested infestation in our culture that want to come out and play more than just around Halloween. Zombie Map gives them the opportunity to do that. This community is made up of filmmakers and misfits, goth kids and metal heads, parents and their children, cos-players and movie buffs. The list even includes movie stars.

Kip Weeks from the hit horror film, “The Strangers”, and Gabrielle Stone, from the soon to be released “Zombie Killers” and “Speak No Evil”, both endorsed the Zombie Map project and its creator Roze.

Gabrielle Stone says, “Roze will definitely leave his mark on the zombie world with Zombie Map.”

“Remember, spread the infection, spread the love.” says, Kip Weeks

What’s going on? How is it spreading so fast? It’s the filmmakers. There were over 450 writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, art directors, special FX makeup artists, and let’s not forget the Zombies. Hundreds of people came out to be a zombie in a short film - 30 of them to be exact. One Zombie film has been released everyday of the Kickstarter campaign. You can now actually binge watch the first half of the series.

“It was absolutely incredible watching seasoned veteran filmmakers working side by side student filmmakers, and everyone in between was there all for the same reason – Zombie Map,” says Roze.

Zombie Map is a mobile device application and a website that features a video player and a world map. The first video informs the user that the Zombie apocalypse is upon them, and asks people from across the world to document the spread of the infection by shooting and uploading films directly to the map - every film will put another marker on the map, enabling people to track the spread of the infection

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Creator of Zombie Map

About Roze
Roze is an Arizona-based Writer/Director with a passion for the macabre and a known reputation for exploring socially-relevant themes that challenge audiences to consider their own humanity through the lens of terrifying circumstances of life and death. Roze and Candace Rose co-founded the independent production company, Gas Mask Films, which made its debut in 2006 with "Denial", a short film screened at the Cannes Film Market Short Film Corner. In 2008 "Deadfall Trail", a feature-length film, was shot and produced entirely in Arizona for less than $80,000. After the success of "Deadfall Trail", Gas Mask Films produced the feature horror film "Speak No Evil" slated for release by Lionsgate in 2015. Most recently, Roze directed the film "Dead Quiet" starring Kip Weeks from the smash hit "The Strangers" and Jeff Hatrix from the heavy metal band "Mushroomhead." For more information about Gas Mask Films, visit

About Gabrielle Stone
Gabrielle Stone has been acting professionally for five years, following in the footsteps of her talented parents, legendary scream queen Dee Wallace, and the late Christopher Stone. Ms. Stone first starred in the award winning Holly Shorts Film Festival’s, Henry John and The Little Bug and Sugartown. Her other credits include, Fuzztrack City, The Guardian, The Jazz Funeral, and the recent thriller CUT that is set to release in 2013.
Ms. Stone completed five feature films in 2012 including A Place Called Hollywood, The Old Man's Gold, and Beyond. She also starred in The Lighthouse, alongside Danny Glover and Kurt Angle.

Stone recently has gotten rave reviews in the leading role of the indie horror Speak No Evil. She just completed the first installment of Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard where she stars with Billy Zane and Mischa Barton and has already signed on to “Stray” and "Flowers in December", both shooting in 2014. Stone has been named as one of Hollywood's up and coming actresses to watch out for and has been beginning to leave her mark in the industry.

About Kip Weeks
Actor Kip Weeks revealed a gift for playing genial American everymen, often with a jocky edge. He initially attained high-profile visibility for his evocation of Togo Railey -- one of the few Caucasian basketball players on a mostly black team at Texas Western University, circa 1962 -- in Jerry Bruckheimer's inspirational sports drama Glory Road (2006). Following that assignment, Weeks did an about-face and switched genres (dodging the threat of typecasting as well) with his portrayal of a masked burglar who systematically terrorizes a suburban couple in Bryan Bertino's tense psychological thriller The Strangers (2008).

~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Since then, Kip worked with Roze on the feature film “Dead Quiet”, which is rumored to be released by Lionsgate late 2015.