Joe Bragg Lists the Hottest 21st Birthday Ideas


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2013 -- For Americans, the 21st birthday is incredibly important. At the age of 21, American men and women are finally able to legally buy alcohol and go to bars. In order to make the 21st birthday an unforgettable night, people spend hours planning the perfect night out.

A recently revealed website called wants to help anybody plan the perfect 21st birthday party. features guides on everything to do with planning a 21st birthday, including party themes, gift ideas, and cake decoration tips.

The goal of the site is to make anybody’s 21st birthday as memorable as possible. A spokesperson for explains how the site aims to do that:

“Birthdays come up fast. Whether our website visitors are hosting a 21st birthday for themselves or planning one for a friend, we want to make the night as memorable as possible. In order to do that, we’ve listed a number of popular 21st birthday themes and ideas that are popular with those who have recently celebrated that milestone. We also include instructional guides for gifts, cakes, and even motivational quotes about celebrating the 21st birthday.”’s homepage features detailed descriptions of a number of different 21st birthday ideas. The first idea on the list is a beach blanket barbeque and bonfire, where the birthday is celebrated on the beach with a group of friends around a campfire.

Meanwhile, those who are celebrating a 21st birthday in a colder climate may want to read through the other party ideas on the list, including a blind champagne tasting, poker tournament, or theme park. Or, those who are more interested in quieter birthday party may want to read through the ‘Low Key Moonlit Evening’ event plan.

Once the party has been planned the fun can truly begin. But in order to prevent a disaster on the big night out, features a checklist for partiers to read before they get too wild:

“Our checklist features all of the steps needed to make a 21st birthday as fun and safe as possible. We remind partiers to bring ID, for example. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s something that many people forget on their big day. We also remind the party boy or girl to take out cash, call cabs ahead of time, and get sleeping arrangements in order before they go out.”

Whether celebrating a 21st birthday or planning a surprise party for a friend, wants to ensure everybody’s 21st birthday is as fun, memorable, and safe as possible.

About is a birthday party planning site that features a number of instructional guides about 21st birthday celebrations. The website includes gift ideas, party themes, 21st birthday quotes, cake decorations, and other tips. For more information, please visit: