The Art Of Calligraphy Opens Up Online Gallery and Guide to Assist in Art Form

Offers Advice and Guidance In Ancient Japanese Discipline


Arta, Greece -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2013 -- In Japan, the popular artistic form of writing called calligraphy is known as shodou, meaning “the way of writing”. Unlike in America, it is widely practiced by people of all ages and all walks of life in Japan. Indeed, all Japanese children learn the basics of calligraphy as part of their elementary school education, just as American children learn to write their ABCs. As a means to educate the rest of the world on the beauty that is calligraphy, Nadja Van Ghelue has launched, a website devoted to the discipline and beauty of calligraphy, featuring a studio of prime art examples, supplies needed, including what ink stick should be used, books to assist and a complete guide to the art form.

As Nadja Van Ghelue explains, "My wish is to bring you closer to the beauty and spiritual power of Japanese Calligraphy. Through my words and my artwork, I hope you get enthusiastic about this special art form. To create, the artist has to be in union with the true self. Then her or his artwork will transmit the timeless essence of the universe and communicate on the deepest level of our being."

Nadja Van Ghelue continues to explain calligraphy is more than a pretty means of writing, but a timeless piece of artwork as well, stemming from an ancient Buddhist art form. "The essence of Japanese Calligraphy and Zen calligraphy is true creation, you do not stop training until feeling and reason are no longer separated and body and mind become one. You let life flow into the brush and by so doing you create a vivid movement in the brushstroke that reveals the ki —the universal life force. That is why Japanese Calligraphy never stops fascinating me; it is an art training that addresses my own inner richness."

The therapy of calligraphy is soothing to Nadja Van Ghelue, who says, "I dedicate myself to this meditative art, which the ancestors often called the elixir of long life. When done properly the practice of calligraphy becomes a conversation with the true self. When writing with the brush the mind becomes calm and pure, the intuitive force is released and you discover your inner silent space. It is a fine art feeling that points to the true self and meets with the message of art, the refinement and perfection of the human mind."

In an effort to educate the public about the beauty of the Japanese art of Calligraphy and provide information about supplies, provides a complete guide to everything the layperson needs to know about the art form, its history, and items needed to get started. Additionally, they provide books to give inspiration and links to buy high quality prints of expert examples of the artform.