Theatre Crisp Runs with Success of "Keep Runnin'" Single off Fall 2013 Album Release

Theatre Crisp took their blended sound to a new level with their single “Keep Runnin’,” featured on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 3, which now has 200 added downloads available on the album’s Bandcamp website.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Theatre Crisp has been abuzz with reaction to their video and iTunes single, “Keep Runnin’,” and the group aims to ride that success into the release of their next recording effort. Formed in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada, Theatre Crisp spent an entire year honing and perfecting their “funk-hop” sound until they felt ready to share their music with the world and blow away every audience they performed for.

Compared to such artists as Atmosphere, Sublime and Jack Johnson, Theatre Crisp’s lineup is fresh and hip: in addition to traditional lead guitar (Jay Baty), bass (Peter Goertz) and drums (Jared Goerz), the group plays up the talents of MC and rhythm guitarist Kyle “humbleHAB” Petch and the unique rhythmic capabilities of renowned tap dancer, Dave “DC” Cox. Originally five strangers from the Niagara area, they’ve now come together to create a new wave of music that’s all their own.

Their sound is a distinct blend of each of the different genres that each member claims as their background influences, including hip-hop, classic rock, funk, blues, jazz and more. Their musical influences include the very artists they’ve been compared to as well as A Tribe Called Quest, Bliss’n Eso, Hillyop Hoods and John Mayer, whose track they covered, “Waiting on the World to Change.” In terms of lyrics, humbleHAB takes care of the composing and creates lyrics based on real life experiences and positive messages.

Their single and music video, “Keep Runnin’,” is a prime example of the sound and personality that this quintet brings to the table. The track has a touch of ska running throughout, particularly in the funky guitar line, and humbleHAB spits sharp, precise hip-hop-style lyrics with a catchy chorus and funky rhythms to match. In only the first few days of the video’s release, Theatre Crisp has already seen great success among their fans, and it’s sure to attract more as a distinctly shareable video.

“Keep Runnin’” was also featured on WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 3, a compilation featuring international talent spanning a wide range of genres, released at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City in October 2013. The digital mixtape was distributed on 3,500 download cards handed out to festival attendees and 1,500 more downloads on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page. Now, in celebration of the mixtape series’ one-year anniversary, 200 more copies ofIndie Anthems Vol. 3 and the previous installments have been made available on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page.

But before this latest success, their debut recording, Modern Daze (2012), was an album three and a half years in the making—an effort they consider a great personal accomplishment. The album even went on to score them the award for Original Artist of the Year at the 2012 Niagara Music Awards, which they call a “really gratifying experience.”

Another memorable personal achievement for the group was playing with headlining national artists like Bedouin Soundclash, U.S.S. and Current Swell. They especially value their time with Current Swell, for whom they opened at two different shows, which they consider to be a huge breakthrough for their band in terms of reaching new markets in Toronto and building upon their already steady and successful stream of shows.

You can hear more Theatre Crisp songs on their YouTube channel, including such tracks as “Groove Pocket Acoustic Studio Session” and “Modern Daze.” Look for their songs on iTunes and on hard copies at their shows to listen more.

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